Sitting Stones Gather New Moss

Moss on Stones

These are not rolling stones. They’re part of the wall. They gather moss. We built this stone wall from ‘clean’ rocks that I had excavated from the soil about five years ago. This is by the upper whey tank. What is interesting is how quickly, when kept a little moist, the rock starts to look natural rather than barren.

Setting Gate Pillar

Down at our front gate we have three stone pillars. All of them have a nice coating of lichens after eight years of holding up our gate. That is in a less moist area. Down near their bases there is some moss on the sheltered surfaces.

As you can see from the photos, I like solid gate pillars that don’t shift around on me. The pillar itself is 14″x14″ by almost 8′ tall. It is about a 1,600 lb mass. Half of this is sunk into the ground, surrounded by cribbing of additional granite to lock it in place. After nearly a decade all my pillars are still straight and true. The gate swings properly. I’m pleased.

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  1. tim says:

    A homonym slipped past your spellchecker. Replace “buy” with “by” in “This is buy the upper whey tank.”

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