Katya the Creative Curser

Katya Not Happy

Katya has quite mouth on her. And I’m not talking about her pearly whites. If you do something she really doesn’t like, such as giving her a bath, when you get done she walks away cursing under her breath. I don’t know what swear words she’s using. *Mdhah* *friddus* *friddos* *dmdsmffgr* she mutters to herself en sotto. I don’t understand half the words she uses nor do I know where she learned such colorful language. Whatever she’s saying she’s not happy and they’re not terms of endearment. I get the gist.

In the photo above Katya is not muttering to herself. She’s telling one of her little (age-wise) big (physical-wise) brothers to leave her food alone. She’s a lot smaller than him but what she says is the law among dogs. Napoleon-esque she is. Katya often reminds me of her aunt Kita – 100 lbs of very dominant personality in a little bitty lap dog body. Someone who once spent a fair bit of time with Kita called her a 150 horse power dog. The fact that Katya rules the pack is ironic given that almost all of her relatives are far larger than her. The genie’s in the bottle and banging on the glass.

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Daily Spark: Outside my window I often hear a hummingbird. He doesn’t know the song so he just hums along.

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7 Responses to Katya the Creative Curser

  1. Anon says:

    That picture reminds me of some chihuahuas I’ve seen – nasty little buggers! I think I’d take Katya’s threats a little more seriously, though. Do you have a lot of conflict among your dogs, or is posturing as far as it goes?

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    As I’ve told you, I used to live with a pack of wolf hybrids. The chief bitch was mostly Arctic Tundra, gleaming ivory with gold eyes, and one day I was sitting in mid-pack, exchanging face rubs with all and sundry, and the mama wolf did the girning snarly face, in my face, ferociously enough I should have had bladder problems. I was thinking that, but she’d been speaking over my shoulder to a misbehaving cub. Realized I was used enough to their language and its directionality that a shouted comment like that never fazed me. Amazing how specific our canid friends can be.

  3. Susan Lea says:

    Great picture! I would definitely try not to get her mad at me! I love your stories about Katya. She seems like Miss Personality!

  4. Maria says:

    She is so beautiful!! I love all of your dogs and dog stories. she looks like she has a lions mane. I bet she is a real snuggle bug when shes not making nasty faces at her brothers.

  5. Jessie N says:

    Maria’s right, Katya does have an unusual coat. She looks different from the photos of your other dogs. Are there older ancestors with the curly mane, or is Katya’s coat new to the pack? I love all of your stories and pictures! Jessie N.

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