Golden Rod Flowers

We saw the movie Next with Nicolas Cage, Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore. Most excellent. Two funny little glitches:

1) Liz hands “Frank” shaving cream and a razor. He says “Thanks, I need this.” yet he’s already clean shaven. Then in the next scene he is in the bathroom shaving. Oops.

2) The FBI SWAT guy is pulling the detonator out of the C-4 of a bomb, it works, everybody relaxes and then walks through the place where the laser beam sensor for the bomb was which would have trigged the detonator. Nothing happens. He had done nothing to disarm the detonator, just pulled the detonator off out of the explosives so there should still be a bang from the detonator. Oops.

The movie was based on the short novel “The Golden Man” by Philip Dick with a screenplay by Gary Goldman. Is that enough gold to justify the picture above?

Other than that it was a very good movie and I won’t give any spoilers.

Something I don’t understand is that the Internet Movie Database lists the budget as $70 million and the gross income at $55 million. How can they do that?

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6 Responses to Goldenrod

  1. Little Seed says:

    It’s like subsidizing an unprofitable broiler operation with a highly profitable pastured pork operation. Paramount has Transformers and Iron Man to pick up Nick Cage’s slack!

  2. Michael says:

    I believe the revenue reported by IMDB is just the first run US theatre revenue, and does not include the rest of the world, DVD, online streaming or broadcast media sales.

  3. mellifera says:

    The shaving glitch is because Frank can see into the future, and Nick Cage does such a good job playing him in this movie that the audience can see into the future. Thus we see a clean-shaven Frank/Nick Cage *before he even gets the razor.*

    Amazing, no?

  4. Ryan says:

    That is the risk of movies. That is why there are so many sequel and copycat movies. If it is proven to work they do it again. But then there is no risk, we would be stuck with culturally average entertainment. I find myself favoring the low budget art festival films. If you like the technical side of movies you may like the book Lab Coats in Hollywood.

  5. Jeff Marchand says:

    About goldenrod, my fields are full of the stuff.
    I have 4 adult pigs. 2 sows and their families are together in one padock, one sow and her babies in another and the boar in a third. I did nt know if I should separate the sows for their farrowing so I hedged my bets. Next year I wont as the two together did just fine, anyways the 2 sows eat all the golden rod they can get, mow all of it down leaving a nice lawn like (if you dont look too close) pasture while the other two don’t touch the stuff. The difference between the paddocks is amazing. I am not really sure why the two eat it and the other two dont. My best theory is that the two by themselves do’nt have grazing competion so they pass up on low quality weeds. My first lesson in stocking density I suppose.

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