Thrown Horse Shoe

Thrown Horse Shoe

Out in the fields and woods we find a lot of signs of past dwellers in our area. All of what we find are from the settles onward – no indian arrow heads or the like. I was told by someone in the forestry division that our land is too high up and not an area where our indian forbearers tended to settle. They favored the richer, flatter river valley as did the later immigrants. But people who bought land sight unseen from the speculators often ended up on the ridges. Farming crops on our mountain slopes is, er, challenging. If the rocks don’t get you the ledge will.

Our old farm house was one of the very first built in the area. At one point there was an entire town in our valley from the stories I’ve been told by old timers. Now all the other buildings are gone and ours is attempting to fall down. The others are just cellar holes surrounded by stone walls out in the woods. The gathering of rocks is a clue. People don’t spend all that effort hauling heavy boulders without a reason. These were not paid gym memberships. The forests were cleared centuries ago and the stone walls were built for sheep to graze on them. Then the mini-ice age of the 1800’s came followed by other disasters and opportunities out west. People left Vermont and headed off to new lands. The forests grew back.

The cycle rolls on and once in a while it throws a shoe for me to pickup and ponder who came before.

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4 Responses to Thrown Horse Shoe

  1. Pablo says:

    I’ve found one thrown shoe in my woods, but it was part of a cattle ranch until fairly recent years, so I don’t consider it a historic find.

  2. Dawn Carroll says:

    I think that shoe may have been from a mule given its shape. The ‘trailer’ on the one side tells me that the animal needed some sort of correction in their gait or way of going.

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