Double Double Decker

Double Double Decker Tractor Trailer Trucks

On Wednesday afternoon while Holly and I were driving back from Adams Farm after picking up meat and hot dogs we were passed by two double decker tractor trailer trucks. It was quite the sight. Double take, and do it again.

Note that this was our last delivery for one to two months as we are in high gear on construction of our own on-farm USDA/State inspected slaughterhouse and butcher shop. Normally we deliver weekly to stores, restaurants and individuals year round but in order to make a big push on building while the weather is good we will be taking the next month or two off from deliveries. There are two roaster pigs and a suckling that I have sequestered away in the freezer for any last minute orders – let me know if you need one as they will sell out quickly. See the roaster page for details.

In early October we’ll take more pigs to butcher. If you would like a whole or half pig in the fall now is the time to send in deposits.

A very limited number of CSA Pre-Buys are also still available. Those would be delivered next spring.

Outdoors: 79°F/60°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 74°F/65°F

Daily Spark: I like to put off procrastinating until the last moment.

PS. Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what book I was reading. The hint is there for all to see.

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9 Responses to Double Double Decker

  1. Huck says:


    Look forward to seeing the butcher shop operational.
    Reading ‘Double Take’ ??



  2. No, not “Double Take” although I can see how you might think that was the hint. Look in the photograph. Something sitting on the dashboard is reflected…

  3. mellifera says:

    All I see is “PAULA E…” (?).

    So my nominee is “Paula E. Dean Cooks Pork & Ham With Butter, Butter, and More Butter.” Let me know if I’m off track in any way here. : D

    • Very good! Your nominee is wrong, but you did puzzle out a very important clue. You are even correct on the first letter of the last name – there I gave a bonus clue. :) You have sharp eyes. Can you make out the publisher? That would be another clue.

  4. John Tucker says:

    I get Del Rey as the publisher and Paula E Do as the name which would lead me to suspect Paula E Downing.

  5. John Tucker says:

    Further googling for DelRey and Paula E Downing book images suggests that the book might be Fallway

    …unless I’m completely off base

    • We have a winner! Very good, John!

      Fallway was a fun Sci-Fi book as was “Rinn’s Star” which I also read recently. I’m no rereading “Macroscope” which I last read about 30 years ago. An oldie but goldie. What strikes me about Macroscope is its similarities to 2001: A Space Odyssey which was written virtually at the same time. The two are separated by one year and I suspect that Piers Anthony did not see Arthur C. Clarkes work before writing his own. It was on the group mind. Society was ready for these topics.

  6. ranch101 says:

    “Rinn’s Star” by Paula E. Downing published by Del Rey
    Is it a good read?

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