Yellow Lili

Lili – Not a Dog

This spring Hope and I planted Lilies out by our new mailbox. I had dropped a 800 lb round bail on the old mail box during the winter. Oops. That did decidedly not nice things to the box. Destruction of government property?

Well, it was an excuse to replace it. Or maybe an obligation. I had been repairing the old one for years and it was continuing to fall apart. The door hinges were long gone, repeatedly replaced and for a while there was no door. After it was crushed beneath the bale we let the mailman and mailwoman (hmm… gender redundancy) know that they didn’t need to drive the one mile up the mountain to us for a while. The ground was frozen hard and even the tractor wasn’t able to make a dent for a new post by the road where it had been kept plowed. The irony is that out in the fields under round bales and snow pack there is no depth of frost and the soil is quite digable all through the winter.

Once the ground thawed I dug a new hole and put in a new regulation height post topped by a mailbox. Inside the back of the mailbox I painted a pig peeking out at the postal delivery people. They saw it.

Outdoors: 81°F/46°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 75°F/64°F

Daily Spark: Overkill is mashing potatoes with a tractor. Yet, it works.

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11 Responses to Yellow Lili

  1. Katharine says:

    I like the idea of the pig peeking out of your mailbox! I’ll have to try something similar, but I was thinking of painting one hiding around the side of the mailbox, peeking around the opposite side, with big ears flopping and all….


  2. jesse shapiro says:

    not a comment about flowers, but a question about pig watering. Not sure how to find related content on blog. I’d like to use a cup style waterer or nipple style waterer using a gravity flow 65 gallon plastic tank purchased from the Barrel Man. Trojan Manufacturing products has a couple of reasonable options. My concern is that the cup waterer and nipple waterers aren’t long enough to extend past the “hot” wire of the (2) strand fence we use to allow the pigs to drink. I don’t want to put the barrels on the inside of the fence because I’m afraid they’ll tip it and/or break the purchased hardware. Have you done or are currently doing this?

    • I have done it with the nipple waterers both with barrels and buckets depending on the size of the pigs. These work quite well – in the summer. In the winter they are trouble because they freeze up so easily. Also make sure that the water you have going into the container is very clean, no grit that could plug the flow. I would suggest putting two nipples on each barrel or bucket because if the nipples plug you don’t want the pigs going without water. In fact, having two sources of water is wise.

      Definitely don’t have the hot wire near the nipple or the pig’s won’t drink. What you can do is very tightly secure the barrel or bucket. For buckets we hung them (piglets) and for barrels set it up on a bench. This also helps get a little head if you are running a hose out of the barrel down to the pigs.

      Another way to do it is use iron piping to go from the barrel to the nipple waterer.

      What we use are open containers and springs as it is simpler. Less to go wrong.

  3. Sal says:

    How about a shot of the inside of the mailbox?

  4. There’s lots of examples of waterers if you search “pig automatic waterers” on google. Gravity and plumbed, both.

  5. sgl says:

    have you considered making a submission about your tiny house for the above folks? (in your copious free time!) not that you need the publicity, but i’m sure there will be some inspired by what you’ve done. (i know i’ve been inspired, and i’ve followed your blog now and again since before you moved into the tiny house.)

    perhaps there’s a lull in the winter when more time is available, or perhaps it would make a good home-schooling project for your kids?

    the lady that does the videos (faircompanies) does a really good job, and they have a large number of videos about small houses, sustainability, simple living, etc. (you can check them out on their youtube channel.)

    anyway, i’ve personally enjoyed watching your tiny house come together, and i suspect there are many more that would also enjoy it but are more “video” people rather than “reading” people. so, i think quite a few people would benefit, so i thought i’d let you know, and attempt to nudge you in that direction.


  6. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Off topic: Remember that little western I e mailed you a while back? It’s coming out as both standard paperback and Kindle e book from Phyllis Scott Publishing. And I just got a gig doing Libertarian perspective of politics, and my own political essays, in the Sacramento area on I’m calling it “The Grumpy Libertarian”. But with the publishing contract in front of me, I have to concentrate real hard to summon a frown for my online curmudgeon role!

  7. Jessica Rabbit says:

    I love the thing about the tractor and potatos!

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