Lightning Bug Oops


Hope was out catching fire flies tonight. She came in and reported that she had caught a bunch and then let them go. She added that one of them was a dead one but it still had a glowing butt.

I asked, “Why do you think it was dead?”

She explained, “Well, it wasn’t moving and I put it on the ground and nudged it and it didn’t do anything.”

I explained about how some critters will play dead to make a predator lose interest.

“Oops…” Hope said.

“Oh,” I asked, “Why oops?”

“Well, I did a little burial for it” she explained.

Oh, oops! “But maybe” I hedged, “it will be okay. You didn’t pack down the dirt did you?”

“Yes. I did.”


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3 Responses to Lightning Bug Oops

  1. Anon says:

    I might have done the same thing to a robin when I was her age. It had been caught by the cat and didn’t have any visible wounds but also open its eyes or twitch when I picked it up. Its head flopped all over, so I figured its neck had been broken and buried it, complete with a large stone as a marker. Only afterward did I realize that I’d seen its chest moving a bit…

    I still feel bad about that.

  2. jen says:

    aw, well bless her little heart for caring enough to bury it :)

  3. My granddaughter Allana is the blond twin of Hope I believe. She spends her days carrying around wounded turkeys and intersting worms. Her mother (our daughter) always makes her empty out her pockets OUTSIDE after she has spent time at our farm. Once she snuck in a caterpiller which wasn’t discovered until my daughter saw her trying to teach it to swim in the bathtub. Oops.

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