Copper Steeple on Blue

Copper Steepled Building

We were in Burlington making deliveries and I saw this beautiful copper steeple sticking up above the skyline of buildings, contrasting with the intense blue of the sky. Unfortunately, I did not have a time to go around the block to find out the name of the building. It is located near the Vermont Pub & Brewery and City Market / Onion River Coop.

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3 Responses to Copper Steeple on Blue

  1. Teresa Hobbs says:

    I believe it is the Green Steeple of St Paul Street on the First Baptist Church.

    • Bingo! We have not just one winner but two! Teresa gets the prize, what ever that might be, for being first! Here is a google map pinpointing it based on her comment. Just below it you can see the Vermont Pub and Brewery which is where we were delivering.

  2. Huck says:

    Hey that’s the first baptist church!!!!


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