Angela Grazing – Hot Dogs Here

Angela Grazing Grass

Particularly pretty poster picture of Angela grazing in the upper south field section four. The pastures are lush with all the sun and rain we’ve been getting. Life is good.

This photo is one to show the next person who tells you pigs can’t eat grass or that pigs destroy pasture. Neither myth is true. Looking down the field you can see how lush it is. There are hundreds of pigs on that paddock – they’ve been there for days. The fact is, pastured pigs are happier, healthier and tastier. The pasture lends a sweeter flavor to them. Some of that may be the lower stress life they live. The chefs who buy our pork say that some of it is the flavor of the pasture coming through.

Angela, in the photo above, is pregnant and in her last trimester. She will farrow in the easy months of summer out in the brush at the margins of the pasture.

On a slightly different topic: Hot dogs are back from the smokehouse and out to stores & restaurants. I just taste tested them and they are delicious. This batch went to:

Sugar Snap in Burlington, Vermont who has several locations including at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center on the water front in Burlington.

Killdeere Farmstand in Norwich, Vermont

Buffalo Mountain Coop in Hardwick, Vermont

City Market in Burlington, Vermont

Hunger Mountain Coop in Montpelier, Vermont

Get them while they last!

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7 Responses to Angela Grazing – Hot Dogs Here

  1. Lola Brown says:

    I love the picture. We have a two year old Berkshire sow that is just learning to graze. At first I think she thought we were a bit crazy. But she’s getting the hang of it I think. The most amazing thing is how in shape and agile she has become in just one month on pasture. I think I actually saw her jump and twist today :)

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Walter,
    Previously you had given me a bit of advice (below) on hot dog ingredients. I’d like to run this by you and make sure it sounds reasonable. We are raising and extra pig this year and I’d really like to have hot dogs made for the family! Our butcher has only used a pre made mix before and told me he didn’t like it, so if I’m going to request hot dogs I’ll need to provide him with some directions. I’m not interested in going into the hot dog business or anything, this would just be for my families use.

    Let’s say we have @ 150# of meat So if that was the case you’d use 1/2 gallon syrup and then @ 2# each of dry milk and salt? When you say “spice” what would that be? I’m really trying to avoid using a pre made mix that would have the nitrites/nitrates in it, so that’s why I’m being so nosey. Do you have them smoked as much as say a Ham would be? If you would prefer to answer me by regular email please do.

    <<It is very simple, see the ingredients list. The pork is almost 100% of the recipe and is about 70% lean or run of the pig. The water is ice to keep it cool during grinding. The milk, maple syrup and salt are at about 1% by weight or so. These and spice can be adjusted to your tastes. Stuff in sheep casings. Let hang and then smoke & chill.

  3. This is wonderful to see! We are hoping to raise 2 pigs next year for our own consumption and we intend to pasture raise them! Mmmmm…hot dogs! :)

  4. Cwenga Mgubasi says:

    My name is Cwenga Mgubasi in Mthatha Eastern Cape. I have 6 pigs and 3 of them are ready to be sold, can you assist me on selling them as I do not know of anyone that I can sell them to. My cell number is ——— and email ——-.

    • What I would suggest is to put up signs at the local bulletin boards describing your pigs, their diet and raising along with tabs for your phone number and email address. I found years ago that this worked well. Here is an example of the sort of sign I mean: Free Paper Note that post was an April 1st Joke but the idea is the same, tabs that people can pull off to take your contact info home.

      Another thing you might consider is talking with local restaurants. Generally they are looking for a steady supply but they might be interested in a special.

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