Hard Knox Ahead

Fields and Mountains

This is taken from the opposite end of our south field looking north towards Knox Mountain. Sugar Mountain is on the left, to the west. You can see the old farm house down by the road. I like the extreme contrast of land and sky. So blue above, greening up below.

Outdoors: 60°F/53°F Cloudy, 1″ Light Rain
Tiny Cottage: 68°F/65°F

Daily Spark: Global Warming is the solution.

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2 Responses to Hard Knox Ahead

  1. Wow.
    The scenery looks amazing.
    I’m from an urban family, and have decided that I am going to become a farmer.
    I’ve been writing a blog on the subject.

  2. Adam of Kent says:

    I get it. Love the pun. Mountains made of granite and named Knox equals Hard Knox! Beautiful country you have there!

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