10,003 Posts, Pages and Comments

Ten thousand and three. That’s an interesting number. My blog has passed the 10,000 mark for combined:

Posts (articles I’ve posted),

Pages (stuff in the menu bar),

Comments (dialog).

According to the SiteMeter counter I’ve gotten 2,367,064 visitors here on SugarMtnFarm.com blog. The number is actually a bit higher than that as I’ve found over the years from watching my server logs that SiteMeter misses some hits. Even so, that’s a lot. Roughly 400,000 a year or about 1,000 a day.

Funny how these things creep up on you. It doesn’t feel like six years. Well, it’s not, quite. That would be on August 25th. I wrote my first post on that day in 2005. Before that I wrote articles just on my web sites, in discussion groups, Usenet, newsletters and various magazines.

Speaking of magazines, for over a decade I published Flash Magazine which was a glossy, full-color paper magazine about… drum-roll… desktop publishing. Of all the things to publish about! That got up to a circulation of about 112,000. I must say I do not miss the days of print publishing. It was interesting but the web and ebooks are so much better for periodical publishing. I had tried to make the jump to electronic publishing a decade ago before the technology was really ready. Didn’t make it but I was ready to move on.

There are some drawbacks to ebooks such as the issue of DRM wars and format wars that are going on between Amazon, Apple and the publishers. But that is really a sideshow. Stick to HTML, text, jpg and PDF and you don’t have to deal with them. For a while I used Blogger, which was pretty good but I’ve been using WordPress now for years and am very happy with it for the blogging component. It is an open platform and exportable so I feel secure about my data. For those not wanting to get their fingers wet with server management there is the free WordPress.com system. The price and quality are both right.

There is the feeling of holding a paper book in one’s hand that might be missed. However for a magazine is that really necessary? Most of them get thrown away. The cost is horrendous. The waste obscene. I love being able to archive documents electronically and the search ability is a blessing.

Publishing an issue of the Flash Magazine was an intense effort. It took so much work, and cost, we could only do it quarterly to every two months. With publishing on the web, e.g., a blog, I can write an article any time I feel like it. And the time from writing to publishing is cut down dramatically as well making it possible to do actual news.

The web is really great because I can edit. I can fix errors. No matter how hard we proofed there were always a couple of typos in each issue of the Flash. But with my blog I can fix those typos. In fact, since is interactive readers can alert me to errors. Then things can be updated to reflect changes.

With digital publishing I don’t have to print an extra 5,000 copies for future back issues. I can send out a new copy at any time because anyone can simply visit the web page. That saves resources.

I can reach a much broader audience at almost no cost, energy usage or resource cost. Paper publishing used enormous amounts of paper, ink, film, boxes, labor, transportation and was intensely expensive. It cost us around $50,000 an issue to print the Flash Magazine. On the other hand, ebooks, the web, blogs and such are almost free to publish and have almost no waste – recycle your electrons!

Ah, the good new days! I like it when technology, innovation, actually makes things better.

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