Hot Dogs for Memorial Day 2011

Limlaw Maple Syrup

Maple syrup doesn’t just go on pancakes and waffles. In New England and specifically in Vermont, the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States, the all natural sweet concentrated sap of maple trees is used in all sorts of things. Not surprisingly, it’s our favorite local sugar. Hot dogs are normally made with high fructose corn syrup or some other sweetender but in keeping with the Vermont theme I made maple syrup be the sweetener when I designed the recipe for our all natural hot dogs. We put 1/2 gallon of maple syrup in each three hundred pound batch of hot dogs, mixing it with quality meat from our pastured pigs.

Limlaw Family Sugar House

This is the Limlaw family’s new sugar house where the maple syrup came from. The Limlaw family farm is just down the valley from us. They have beef cattle and sometimes help us with logging and hay. They boiled the sap of the maple trees down 40 fold to concentrate it. The new sugar house was built just this past year. It’s a gorgeous building, post and beam construction done by our neighbor Brian. It is ideally located both for receiving the sap. It is also on a main state highway making it an ideal location for tourists to be able to come and see the process.

Hot dogs have a bad rap for having the junk tossed in them. This is not the case with ours – we make them from our quality all natural pastured pork. There are no pig snouts, organs or other strange things in them. I am told by chefs that this may be why ours taste so delicious. I think the smoking also adds to it and I love the crack of the skin on dogs. The taste and the fact that they’re all natural certainly helps them sell out so fast. In fact, the last three batches and the next two were all sold out long before they were even scheduled at the smokehouse. Personally, I like pig liver, head, heart and such in a variety of traditional dishes but because of the market perception issue we just use our pork, no organs, in the hot dogs.

Sugar Mountain Farm All Natural Hot Dog Label

Read the label and notice how short the ingredient list is for our famous all natural, pastured pork, smoked, skin-on hot dogs with no-nitrates and no-nitrites. All the goods stuff you want your kids to eat. Look for the label in your local stores including:

*Next batch will be back from the smokehouse in a few weeks, hopefully before Memorial Day.

Question from a customer in Burlington:

I have been buying your sweet and hot italian sausage from city market co-op in burlington. Unfortunately, it has not been available for quite some time. Are you no longer selling those products to them? If not, how can I get some? It is my absolute FAVORITE sausage ever… and I’ve tried a lot of sausage. I only eat the best! I see that you still sell other pork products to them, so would I be able to place a special order for pick up at the coop?

-Liz Windover of Burlington, VT

Because we use the same high quality pastured pork in both our sausages and our hot dogs it has mean our sausage production has been down, something several customers have noticed and inquired about. The answer is, we still are making sausages but in limited amounts while the summer hot dogs suck up most of the ham and bellies that would normally go to sausage. We are still making all of the sausages, hams and bacon.

Stores tend to only buy sausage fresh. Chefs know that the properly frozen vacuum packaged meat keeps its quality virtually indefinitely so they tend to order it frozen for their restaurants. The frozen is top quality – rest assured that they have not been thawed and refrozen. At times when sausage are not showing up at your local store they might be available frozen. Just let your meat manager know you would like to get them that way and they can order it for you if they don’t have it in stock in the freezer case.

At any of the stores we deliver to you can make special orders. Please allow plenty of time. Some things like Boston Butt and Picnic Shoulder are hard to get as there are already standing orders for all that we produce but if you put in an order a month or more in advance we can generally accommodate the occasional special request.

Accept no substitutes: insist on genuine all natural maple syrup and all natural pastured pork hot dogs. Any less would just not be as good.

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Daily Spark: A hot dog at the ball park is better than steak at the Ritz. -Humphrey Bogart

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10 Responses to Hot Dogs for Memorial Day 2011

  1. eggyknap says:

    If you don’t put your pig livers, hearts, etc. in the hot dogs, where do they end up? I can’t say I’ve ever tried many pig organs, but we welcome the occasional beef heart in our family (beef liver is another story altogether, but we’ve only ever tried liver from fairly mature beef). Is there a market for organ meats alone, sufficient to use up the supply?

    • Some stores buy liver in 1 lb packages to sell and there are some restaurants that buy liver for making pates and other things. Hocks sell regularly. Tongue is something some restaurants pickle and smoke for a delicacy. I love smoked tongue. Various other organs go to restaurants but rarely stores. When organ meats are left over and over flowing then the dogs dine, if I don’t.

  2. Servius says:

    I’m considering driving from Minnesota to Vermont just to try your hot dogs.


  3. Heidi says:

    We butcher and process our own meat to and have used maple syrup for years in our pork LOVE IT -there is nothing like it at all!! When I get our bacon ready for smokeing ( I mix brownsugar, salt and maple syrup and rub it in to cure it) and put it in the smoker you can smell the sweetness. There is NOTHING like homegrown and home processed food.. YUMM!

  4. Michelle says:

    For those of us that live WAY too far to ever come by for hot dogs..would you consider sharing your recipe? My husband makes wonderful sausage in the fall when he butchers deer, if I had a good recipe he could make me some hot dogs too…

    • It is very simple, see the ingredients list. The pork is almost 100% of the recipe and is about 70% lean or run of the pig. The water is ice to keep it cool during grinding. The milk, maple syrup and salt are at about 1% by weight or so. These and spice can be adjusted to your tastes. Stuff in sheep casings. Let hang and then smoke & chill.

  5. Ryan says:

    For years I have been enjoying Vanilla Steamers made with honey, vanilla, sugar, and hot milk. Recently we were out of honey and I replaced it with maple syrup. That was really good.

  6. Curly says:

    I love the idea of all natural hot dogs. Wish I was closer!

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