Pink Concrete Truck

SD Ireland Pink Concrete Truck

This is a concrete truck from SD Ireland who supplies concrete for our Big Project. They have their own big project which the pretty trucks promote. I saw this truck as we were headed up north along I-89 to Burlington on deliveries.

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7 Responses to Pink Concrete Truck

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Now that takes a man with a strong self-identity to drive that truck! :)

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Did Hope want to take that home to play with? The color certainly was appealing but she also likes the remote control on the pump truck. What a toy!

  3. Davi says:

    I like how you captured the motion of the road and the truck is so sharp. Great pic!

  4. The trick on capturing the motion and clarity is getting the right shutter speed and F-stop combination. The lighting was right. I bracketed around what I thought would be slow enough to catch some things in a blur. We were going fast enough that it took a surprisingly high shutter speed of 1/250th of a second to make it work.

    Shooting one moving vehicle out the window of another moving vehicle into the wind, of course, made it interesting. Fortunately we had highly trained stunt drivers (us and the strong self-identity man who remains nameless) to make it work. He was going the normal speed of the road and setting the pace.

    We normally drive our 15 year old van much slower than that so we were going faster than usual. On top of that we had to pass him going uphill. His engine has more power to say the least. I think he realized I was getting a photo and went easy on us, dropping back gradually. Does this go in the “Don’t try it at home” category? :)

  5. Art says:

    Are you sure it’s not full of cement, not Pepto Bismol?

  6. Nt says:

    Real men drive pink cement trucks!!

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