Romula’s Mystery Photo

Mysterious Black and White

What in the world is that?!? Make a guess in comments. Then click on the image to see what it reveals. Don’t worry about the mirror.

Romula Sitting Pretty

Yes, we really do have this much snow, it is this white and the sky is that blue. No Photoshop required. Romula hasn’t been retouched either, she’s my pretty girl. A pretty girl who likes to round up the pigs. She is just a new puppy and weighs maybe thirty pounds. The pigs she rounds up weigh up to 1,000 lbs. Yet they obey her. Working dogs are amazing.

Romula is named from the Roman mythology and yes, she does have a twin brother Remus. And yes, they are often at each other’s throats although he is nearly twice her size. Fortunately it is all in good fun. Right twins?!

She is wearing an elegant stainless steel necklace. They are all the rage with the dogkin. I suspect that collars are viewed as a status symbol. When the puppies were little they didn’t have collars but the big dogs did. Having a collar may be seen as a rank issue. I say this because Sirus, a dog from an older litter, was very insistent that he get his collar back on when I had taken it off him at one point. When I got done fixing it I held it out and he slipped his head right in. Interesting…

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Daily Spark: I believe in planned destiny and serendipity.

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6 Responses to Romula’s Mystery Photo

  1. Mel says:

    Ooh, obviously a view of some exotic planet you discovered in your space travels. :-)

    I know if I wear or carry an item every day for a year or so, it starts to feel *wrong* to not have it with me, especially if it’s heavy enough to feel. Going from very long to very short hair is really weird – apparently I have to use my neck muscles to correct for the momentum of a pound of hair if I move quickly, and when it’s gone I’m suddenly over-correcting and end up looking not exactly where I expected. It’s very disorienting and takes a couple of days to wear off. Collars don’t weigh much, but I’ll bet it’s enough for all movements to be just slightly out of whack if they’re not wearing it. I wouldn’t assume they’re a status symbol unless the dogs change their behavior towards each other.

    • Interesting on the hair. I have had long hair but it was thin enough not to weigh much so I don’t remember getting that effect but I can see how that would happen. What is truly amazing is that we are able to readapt so easily. I remember reading about a study where they put mirror glasses on people. Not like sunshades but ones that flipped the world upside down and backwards. After a little while the people reported that everything felt normal. Then they took them off and the people had to go through the same adapting process again. The momentum correction could be just like that and the dogs are very precise critters – how they’re so agile on their feet, spin in mid-air, etc.

  2. Susan Lea says:

    I didn’t have a clue–I had to peek! Very clever girl, Romula!

  3. Duck says:

    Even my single inside dog feels naked without his collar. Whenever it gets taken off he stands there all excited waiting for you to put it back on. It’s funny. :)

  4. Adam Stevens says:

    Snow Donuts! I’ve seen them as big as a car wheel at the bottom of a hill (or especially at the bottom of a slide shoot here in the Cascade range)! Took a second with the photo on it’s side.. Our dogs like to have us start them and they chase them down the hill…

  5. ErikZ says:

    I don’t know the technical name for your photo, but it looks like what happens when snow is on a very steep embankment, and the wind disturbs it at the top.

    You get a tiny chunk of snow that starts rolling down and picking up snow, growing in size.

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