That dark stuff in the photo is dirt. D. I. R. T. It’s not an acronym but the real thing. At first we figured we had landed on one of those frozen moons like Europa out around Saturn but apparently my IPS was not working right. So this morning I went out and low and behold there was this dark stuff poking out of the normally white surface of the planetoid. Tricorder samples showed it to be composed of various inert inorganics and a soup of organics. There were even celluloid based pieces of ancient life buried under the crust. Based on the DNA analysis it does indeed look like Earth!

As a bonus the photo above is in 4D – just cross your eyes to get the right focus while licking your ears and you’ll see the full image and hear the symphony of the magnetic fields in stereo.

Outdoors: 42°F/23°F Sunny, 2″ Snow, Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/60°F

Daily Spark: Judging by the pollution content of the atmosphere, I believe we have arrived at the late twentieth century. -Spock in ‘The Voyage Home’

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5 Responses to Landed!

  1. Lindsey says:

    This post is hysterical. I’m sitting here at my desk crackin’ up!
    We feel the same way in Soggy Seattle. So much rain, cold and yuck that even us mossbacks are starting to pine for better weather.
    I am intrigued by the small house you live in with 5 people – I’m excited to read more! Hope you see some more bare earth in the days to come…

    • Aye, our tiny cottage is a delight and toasty too. Holly was just commenting the other day about how private it feels inside despite being so small. She was saying how she can walk in and not realize there is anyone home even though everyone else is already inside. Part of this is the way the spaces are a maze of little passages that twist and turn (Adventure reference for anyone that remembers the 1970’s). Part is that the house is made of masonry. Part is that the barrel vault ceiling is stucco textured on the inside which soaks up sound. Best of all, it is easy to clean, easy to keep warm, easy to maintain and a fantastic improvement over our old 230 year old farm house down the hill.

  2. Hector says:

    Hay Walt, so glad you hit on the right planet! So is that snow covered picture at the top for real? I figured you are just using the one left over from winter. We have no snow here.

    • Yes, we still have quite a bit of snow. it is starting to rot though. Occasionally while walking on the snow pack, which is down to about 24″, I’ll break through. Normally I can walk easily and securely on top of the crust. We’re scheduled for three days of sun and then warm weather so that may make a big difference. Time for me to spread wood ash on the south field.

  3. Deston Lee says:

    well played!

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