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Press Print for Free Paper

I was going to show you video of our six legged boar pig, he is amazingly fast, but then this slipped out. On Holly’s delivery route last night I had her hang these up around Vermont… I like innocuous fun where nobody gets hurt, too badly.

Outdoors: 43°F/10°F Sunny, Light Snow
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/55°F Windows Open Some

Daily Spark: Every bit of glitter contains some litter.

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6 Responses to Free Paper – Print One

  1. I love you guys. I really do

    • And in appreciation of your love we’re gonna let you print as many copies of that free paper as you would like, on your printer. :) Happy April 1st! May spring follow soon. Er, not that I want to wait until May mind you!!!

  2. Mel says:

    That is awesome. It’s on my employer’s announcement cork board now. Next plan, leave an anonymous ‘Sorry I scratched your truck. I’ll pay.’ note on my coworker’s desk, and watch him go nuts trying to find the scratch.

  3. Susan Lea says:

    Your April Fool’s joke is much nicer than mine was! After my dear husband busted his you-know-what for the past month putting in post-holes, gates and 1000 feet of fencing on the hill behind our house, we finally let the animals out of the barnyard into the new pasture yesterday evening. This morning I looked out and yelled, “Oh, no! The animals are in the back yard!” He leaped to his feet and was already at the back door before I could even say “April Fools!” Next year I’ll read your blog for kinder, gentler ideas before I play my April Fools joke!

  4. What fun, I’ve been hearing back from people who got free paper or saw it. I love it that others hung it on their bulletin boards too. Good jokes leave everyone smiling.

  5. Mother Nature played April Fools on us. We got 8″ of snow. One moment Holly was walking back from the south field shed under beautiful clear blue skies and sunshine and then “ROAR!” a white out snowstorm jumped up over Sugar Mountain and landed in her face. In minutes everything changed and there was almost no visibility.

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