Big Breasted Beauty

Torn with Piglets

Entertainers and high fashion models in the porn industry can’t hold a candle to some of the all naturally very well endowed beauties we have on our farm. Some of our sows even rival Jersey and Holstein cows in their productivity. Hope wants to try milking them. I have read of a place in Texas that makes pig cheese. Interesting possibilities.

For now though we’ll focus on making weaner pigs. Big breasted sows have more milk to offer their piglets so they grow faster and healthier, weaning at larger sizes. Older sows generally are more experienced and have larger litters as well. Currently, four sows are farrowing. Two more are approaching their date with their nests. We’ve been tweaking the nursery suites in the South Field Shed greenhouse area so the ladies have defensible spaces that others won’t enter but they can easily go in and out of to get food, water and exercise.

Tonight Torn is sleeping with the Seven Silly Sisters and Black Boar, of her own choice. I think that after two weeks she has had enough being nursed on all night. In the morning she’ll move back into her maternity suite after stopping by the cafe for a bite to eat and drink and then maybe moseying over to visit the facilities.

During the warm months the sows go of to the pasture margins to farrow in the shelter of the brush. It is the best of times, it is the easy times. Winter is a whole other world. We live on what might be described as glacial pack from a pig’s point of view. Some born into winter will never see growing grass. The months wear on to centuries of the great pig year. In the old it takes a lot more thinking, design, construction and managing on our part to simulate the best of summer time. Each year we get a little better at it.

Outdoors: 35°F/8°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 65°F/57°F Windows Open Some

Daily Spark: Kid-1 to Kid-2: “Adult proof medicine bottles are so our parents won’t forget they need us.”

8 thoughts on “Big Breasted Beauty

    • Ah, no, I’m quite familiar with pig’s head cheese having made and eaten it as a child. Sometime I’ll have to write a post about pig cheese. Hope wants to milk them. When Petra was alive I used to get most awesome squirts from her teats that would have knocked over barn cats, figuratively speaking. Her teats with a fairly gentle tug with shoot milk well over six feet over and over again. Don’t try that at home! Just for kicks I tried milking her dry once but I got tired before she stopped giving milk. This may explain why the super sows have such huge piglets at weaning – all that good milk!

  1. I’m curious. At your farm, with your access to dairy products, I doubt it’s a good idea. But if one had a farm without ready access to waste milk products, could it be worth it to keep one or two good milk-producing sows past their prime farrowing age, and use their milk to supplement the protein needs of all the pigs?

    Maybe this would also allow a farm to keep a good breeder sow around longer, creating a few more quality offspring while being a benefit to all the other pigs?

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