Pocket Stuff

Pocket Stuff

We washed our work suits. This is the pile of stuff that got cleaned out of pockets before the suits went to the laundry. Lots of string, lots of screws, lots of knives, miscellaneous other stuff.

In public school they have a zero tolerance policy on carrying weapons. We have a zero tolerance policy too. Anyone caught without a knife will be sent home to get one. We teach our kids to handle knives and assorted other tools from a very young age. That way they know how not to get hurt. I carried a knife all through school decades ago. I even had nail clippers and aspirin. *gasp*!

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6 Responses to Pocket Stuff

  1. My husband rarely gets irritated with me EXCEPT when I wash his coveralls without emptying pockets first. I murdered several perfectly innocent pocket watches that way. Now, like you, we wash them much less often and we stopped buying pocket watches.

    And please tell Hope I said “GO HOPE GO !!!”

  2. Karen Migliaccio says:

    My husband gets very irritated when I don’t have tools in my pockets. It makes for many more pocket repairs throughout the year though. Your pile looks like ours when we decide to wash chore clothes. I try to only do it about twice a year. This past week we had to c-section a gilt and then those clothes needed a bath! I was very proud of Hope when reading your post….happy pigging…

  3. David G says:

    I truly feel naked without my pocket knife, I reach for it at least a dozen times a day when I’m not working. If Im in the garden or hunting or anything else with my hands it is constantly being pulled out to use it. When I was in school, only 13 years ago, not only was it common for most boys to cary pocket knives, but you could even take them to the Ag teacher and he would sharpen it for you to an edge that would shave, for $2. It was also common for hunters to go hunting before school, and if they were not successful to drive to school with a hunting rifle hanging in the back window of their truck. Now at the same school these actions would get you expelled and probably arrested.

    I learned to use a knife around 7 or 8, though I had one at 5. Only a few times have I ever cut my self with a sharp knife. I have injured my self too many times to remember with dull ones though. You end up using more pressure and slip, then you are cut or impaled. Good for you for teaching your child how to handle a knife.

  4. Chris says:

    Pocket knife is a must need. Agree 100% with teaching kids early about tools.

  5. J Jaeger says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. I note the hair clip – probably Hope’s? That’s me – bits of hay, the strings from the bales, my knife, a few pebbles the grandbaby collected as I tried to get something done, and of course, one of her hair doo-dads.

  6. Teresa says:

    I love this–when I was in school, all the guys had knives and the ring on the back pocket from their chew. Times certainly have changed!

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