Trouble with Butchers

There’s an article by Kathryn Flagg in Vermont Life Magazine titled “The Trouble with Butchers” featuring an interview with yours truely, moi! It’s an excellent article that discusses the issues of getting meat from field to fork.

Kathryn had come out and interviewed me for the article late last summer and then photographer Richard Brown came for a visit later during our first snows to get some photos of the farm, pigs and myself. I must admit that I was nervous but they were both great to work with and put me, and the pigs, at ease.

In case you haven’t noticed, take a look up in the menu bar where there is a “News” section. Click on that to see a list of news articles where Sugar Mountain Farm and its denizens were mentioned.

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Daily Spark: Someone said to me, “Farming is a business where you buy at retail, sell at wholesale, and pay the shipping both ways.” Too true. Fortunately you get to play with your food!

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8 Responses to Trouble with Butchers

  1. Very cool! I think this is your second time in a magazine, right? It is a shame what is happening in Vermont with the slaughterhouses. When I am traveling on the NY State Thruway, I see alot of Subaru Outback wagons with VT plates and tons of bumper stickers with sayings “No farms, no food” or “Eat local”….I wonder if these people supporting local farms are the same NIMBY people when it comes to slaughterhouses. Eat Local, Just slaughter your meat somewhere else.

  2. Eli says:

    Great article Walt! Love the photo! Keep up with your project. I really enjoy reading your progress. It is the sort of thing that is amazing what one family could do. You wowd me with you all building your house and now youre building your own butcher shop. Amazing!! What next?

  3. HennyPenny says:

    We got an issue of Vermont Life in the mail the other day. Hubby thumbed through it and then passed it on to me. I haven’t been a fan of the magazine, so standing in front of the trash bin I thought I’d just glance through it quick before I pitched it. The page that it opened to showed a very artsy photo of a man holding a pig. My heart soared! Walter….my friend…how far you have come….pleased for you, happy for the exposure for your endeavor, all around smug that we know each other.

    On to the picture of the pigs. Showed my husband. “Hey,” he said, “they look familiar.” “They should,” I told him.

    Good for you, Walter! Hi Holly.

  4. Laura Dille says:

    Walter I am wondering if that article is available to read? I poked around a bit and could not find it.

  5. Farmerbob1 says:

    “dizens were mentioned.”

    I believe you lost a couple letters off of ‘denizens’.

    It’s a shame that Vermont Life no longer seems to have a public archive of their older articles.

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