Dump Truck Farewell

Big Red Dump Truck

We have, or had, a big red dump truck. It has been a lawn ornament more than anything. It is too large for our needs. I got it from our forester who’s wife insisted he get rid of it – he had been using it as a lawn ornament. He got it from the selectman who had bought it from our town.

It has no clutch, nominal breaks and a leak in the electric system so every time you go to start it you must jump it. You can see the road rush by through the wooden floor boards. It is a farm truck at this point – not inspect-able or road worthy. But as I said, it is too big for our needs and so it got almost no use, functioning mostly as a lawn ornament.

When we cleaned out the old hay shed to tear it down so we could build the butcher shop we put scrap metal into the back of the dump truck – what better place. Either the truck was going to drive to the scrap metal buyer or get hauled there.

Last fall the scrap metal guy stopped and asked about buying the dump truck. He got busy over the winter and the fall mud season hit – not a good time to move big trucks out of a dirt road. Now that the roads are hard he came by to work on it this weekend.

How many dump trucks can a tow truck tow? Interesting question, especially given the dump truck is bigger than the tow truck. He’s cutting it into sections to haul away.

Coincidentally, Big Red, one of our sows, went to the butcher this week to go to the next batch of hot dogs.

So long, Big Reds.

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3 Responses to Dump Truck Farewell

  1. Nance says:

    Go Big Red(s)! (from a cornhusker neighbor) Good post!

  2. So long big red dumptruck from the Town of Orange.

  3. We did the same thing with an old manure spreader. Filled it for over a year with scrap metal often wondering how we would move it once it was overflowing. Then a milk customer of our saw it. Volunteered us to donate it to her sons church. Her son came and took the old manure spreader and the old metal. His church got some well needed funds and we got more useable space in our farmyard. Win win win win

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