Hot Dogs are baaaack!

Petra Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are back in stock… and they’re all sold out!

We have to do the hot dogs in large batches but even with that they still sell out almost instantly. Or often faster. This batch was sold out before the meat was even delivered to the smokehouse.

Originally we had worked out a hot dog recipe of our own to make use of the extra Boston Butt we were accumulating but the hot dogs have been in such high demand they became a featured product in their own right. They’re so tasty I’m spoiled and can’t eat any other hot dogs.

These are the good stuff, no nitrates or nitrites, no MSG, no gluten. They’re made with our own all natural pastured pork and a little bit of Vermont maple syrup from a sugar bush just down the valley from our farm. Then they are delicately smoked to just the right flavor.

The good news is the hot dogs are out of our hands and into stores near you if you live in northern or central Vermont. Get them while they last at:

Skinny Pancake (Montpelier & Burlington locations)
Chubby Muffin (Burlington)
City Market – Onion River Coop (Burlington)
Hunger Mountain Coop (Montpelier)
South End Market (Bradford)
Buffalo Mountain Coop (Hardwick)

Orders are already in for the next batch and we’re accumulating pork for then.

For a full list of stores and restaurants that carry our all natural pastured pork see the Retail page which shows our delivery route. From there you can get to the list of stores and restaurants.

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8 Responses to Hot Dogs are baaaack!

  1. mellifera says:

    Isn’t it nice to sell out of something quickly? We recently had the pleasure at our Valentine’s Day fundraiser- we thought our 300 roses would last all day but we sold them out in 2-1/2 hours. That was a huge relief, and not least of all because that meant it was all over before my shift at the booth started. ; ) Congratulations on a successful disposition of inventory.

  2. Bill Murphy says:

    We live in SE Pennsylvania. It’s to bad we can’t get your hot dogs down here. They sound wonderful!

  3. mellifera says:

    It was awesome! I learned an important lesson in market farming: have flowers in mid-February, and you’re probably going to do ok.

    (Flowers in mid-February. Oh, is that all?)

  4. Steve Edwards says:

    Hi Walter,

    Interested in how you smoke your pork/bacon, some info on how you do this and what materials you use, Great blog !
    Thanks, Steve

  5. How can I order Hot Dogs for my restaurant?

    • Our batches of hot dogs through August are almost completely sold out. You might be able to get a case (20 packs of 7 dogs each) or two cases in August. More will be availble in September or October’s batches. The best price is a 10 case buy which is 1,400 hot dogs.

      The bigger problem is delivery. We don’t deliver to NY. It is possible to ship them, we’ve done that before, but it is fairly expensive. Fortunately you’re close so the shipping time is minimal, a day or two. Alternatively some people will meet my wife at Exit-1 of I-91 or at WRJ at the junction of I-91 and I-89 when Holly is on her delivery route. The other option would be to come to the farm to pickup.

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