Monsters Under the Bed

Monsters Under The Bed

There are monsters under our bed.
Loud crunching, knawing sounds come up,
When asked what they’re doing down there they said,
We’re chewing on bones of our victims with Fred

There are monsters under our bed.
They have a friend whom they call Fred,
I think I will not ask at this time just who,
For I may not want to know more than I knew.

There are monsters under our bed.
Big open jaws with long thick claws,
Their seriously sharp fangs they display,
Telling strange monsters, “Go away!!!”

There are monsters under our bed.
With a yawn and a grin they greet us each night,
And then again in the morning they’re there,
Showing us all just how much they do care.

There are monsters under our bed.
Furry long tails they wrap over noses,
Safely we sleep knowing they wait,
For any strange monsters to take their bait.

There are monsters under our bed.
I always make sure that they’re well fed,
They are my friends and so it should be,
Because these are the monsters for me.

-Walter Jeffries, 2011

Ben’s been reading poems aloud to us from the new edition of “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstine. The above poem is mine on reflection of one of Mr. Silverstein’s poems. You’ll have to read the book to figure out which one… I don’t claim to be a great a poet as he, of course!

It’s been snowing almost continuously since Tuesday but we’ve only gotten about a foot of snow. It has even snowed with bright blue skies. Winter is like that. Even with the sun shining there will often be snow falling. It could be that it is blowing down off the mountain. I saw a lot of snow devils today. I am glad that we didn’t get the 40″ that some places received last week. The sledding is good and the depth is not so great as to be trouble – a blessing. We have finished all of our fall construction projects, just in time for winter. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Outdoors: 23°F/-7°F Sunny, 12.5″ Snow since Tuesday
Tiny Cottage: 70°F/67°F

Daily Spark: My wife loves to wrap. In fact, she’s a world class wrapper – neat square corners and tucked in edges. This holiday I handed my wife some presents to wrap for the kids for Christmas while she was wrapping other things. She inquired if I wanted her to wrap the presents that were for her too. I frowned in thought and said, “No, I’ll wrap those.” She replied, “Okay, then I’ll gave to give them to you to wrap.” Dawning realization. “Oh,” I said, “Well, I guess why don’t you wrap them since you already have them. In fact, surprise me.” She laughed.

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4 Responses to Monsters Under the Bed

  1. Teresa says:

    I love your monsters under the bed. I have a couple myself, but they seem to always end up in the bed beside me.

  2. anna says:

    i love silversteins stuff! you do him a great honor and thats a great little monster poem!

  3. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Since you’re sharing poetry:


    Coffee is good, with the sun
    slicing down, and the air
    as clean as cold beer;
    But today, just today,
    I’ll sit in the shade and
    drink tea.

    A steak would be fine,
    with a well proven wine,
    and a slice of putrefied cheese;
    But today, just today,
    I’ll sit in the shade and
    drink tea.

    A walk down the lane,
    a glance at the lake,
    a spell on a hilltop bedewed;
    A program I’d take;
    But today, just today,
    I’ll sit in the shade and
    drink tea.

    For coffee is good,
    and steak is just fine,
    and a walk stimulating indeed;
    But when the menu
    must pass in review;
    I’ll sit in the shade and
    drink tea.

    David Lloyd Sutton (a lot of years ago)

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