Calendar 2011

2011 Calendar Back Cover
All the Seasons at Sugar Mountain Farm

Once again our son Will has made 2011 calendars of our photos. The image above is the back cover of the calendar showing a photo index of the pictures. Although I had not originally planned this, we actually made three versions. The first has fourteen months as shown above.

Calendar 2011 Posing on the Fridge

What we did do is print on our Xerox Phaser 8560 color printer. Because of the intense ink coverage this gets a little expensive and more importantly I ran out of yellow ink so I had to switch modes to…

Print Calendar Available:
The second version is a 12 month calendar (Jan’11 to Dec’11) we had made at which was having a 50% off sale. When I ordered them I got a few extras. If you would like a physical calendar send a check for $11 $14 (Holly told me I need to charge more to cover the postage) which covers postage in the USA. I don’t know how long that supply will last or when VistaPrint’s price will go up so that price is subject to change. Get them while you can!

Free Downloadable Calendar Available:
The third version is completely free – just the cost of downloading it yourself and printing it if you want. It is the full 14 month version of the Sugar Mountain Farm Calendar 2011 available as a digital document (PDF). The file size is about 1.8 Megabytes so be prepared for long download times. For your free Sugar Mountain Farm 2011 calendar download here and use it on your computer or print so you can enjoy looking at farm scenes all year long!

But enough about trivial technicalities – we’re all here for the pictures right!

Cover Sugar Mountain Farm Calendar 2011
Jeffries Family with Kavi Dog and Pastured Pigs

January 2011
Walter Lecturing Pigs on Socio-economic Systems

February 2011
Livestock Guardian Herding Dog (LGHD) Kavi resting on Hay

March 2011
Sow Anna Smiling for Camera

April 2011
Collage of on-farm Butcher Shop Construction

May 2011
LGHD Dog Lili among Rocks

June 2011
Blackie Piglets in South Field

July 2011
Sow Mouse getting Honked by Geese

August 2011
Three Bees on Sunflower

September 2011
North Field Plateau Panorama of Fall Foliage

October 2011
Pastured Kids & Zen of Stick Balancing

November 2011
Pig Parade

December 2011
Sow Big Pig Sleeping in Sun with Piglets

January 2012
Butcher Shop Walls Poured to the Top

February 2012
Finisher Pigs on Snow and Hay

Also check out the calendars from other years each with their own little tour of our farm here on Sugar Mountain.

Happy New Year!

Credit for photos is spread through our family. Our son Will selected them and did the editing and layout work in Photoshop and GraphicConverter. iCal did the hard work of generating the monthly pages. :) That used to be harder the way I did it in in Excel years ago. To generate the PDF I used PDFLab.

Outdoors: 34°F/19°F Lightly Overcast, Pleasant
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/62°F

Daily Spark: We must become the change we want to see. -Gandhi

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10 Responses to Calendar 2011

  1. Teresa says:

    What a great job your son did on putting that together! Nice calendar. I just did one for my farm for the first time.

  2. Nance says:

    Awesome. Pure and simple. You’ll love every minute of the New Year, looking at the last year photos.

  3. justme says:

    I’ve just found your blog and have been reading it from beginning to end in the past couple of days.

    Based on previous posts, I have a few questions/comments:

    Have you ever heard of Earthships?
    If you have, why did you go for the design of the tiny cottage that you picked? It seems you’re spending a lot of money on materials that could have been a lot cheaper or free with an earthship model of construction, which seems odd for a man as frugal as yourself.

    Have you heard of the Free State Project in New Hampshire (, or of Free Talk Live Radio ( They seem to represent a lot of the same sort of political ideas that you feel comfortable with.

    Further, in one of your posts you mention that you taught your dogs to clean up trash, and that they also bring you plastic bottles, which are largely useless.
    It might be a cool idea to use the bottles to further your solar heating installation for the pool, by placing them around the tubes, and thus accelerating heat gain.
    This concept is further explained here:

    Great blog, keep it coming….

    • We did bottles for solar heat storage about fifteen years ago in a greenhouse along the side of our old farm house. The problem was they leaked and they decayed in the UV light from the sun. After a few years they were a complete and total disaster. We also did 50 gallon drums and other methods. After many experiments I decided I liked thermal mass of masonry because it doesn’t evaporate, cause humidity issues or require bottling. Bottles might work better in a situation where they’re not exposed to the light.

      I’m not fond of the Free State Projects. I’m more of a Constitutionalist – that is I would like to see the laws and regulations hone closer to the Constitution, Amendments and Bill of Rights. The reality is the federal government will never let us be free of it. The uncivil war demonstrates this clearly. Besides, there is no consensus to exit. Too many people like the benefits of federal domination so trying to succeed is a waste of energy. Each to their own though.

      I’ve looked at the EarthShip designs and don’t like them for a whole lot of reasons. I experimented with building some small structures that way and was not happy with the results. One of the factors is I want to build a structure that will last for centuries or even millennia. Part of the goal is very low maintenance. Stone, brick, masonry all fit that. Since we’ve only spent $7K on the cottage I wouldn’t say it is all that much.

  4. June in Maine says:

    Great job everyone. Wonderful pics, such eye and talent.I could have so much to say about each photo. As I was looking at the photo in June, I wondered what you use for fencing. I assume electric, could you tell me about it. My hubby (pig farmer want-to-be) was talking about fencing in 2 acres of our not for cows land. Thanks

    • Our best fencing is the electrified high tensile smooth wire with visual or physical demarkation of some sort behind it like the woods, stone wall, hedge, brush, etc. This is perfect for permanent installations, especially the perimeter. In places we’re still figuring out things we use a lot of electrified polywire or 17 gauge smooth wire on step-in posts. For both we often use boulders and trees for anchor points to take stress. Tight fences make for obedient animals. Other good options are the poultry netting used judiciously, hog panels and such.

      The keys is to have a good energizer with a good ground, good visual boundaries along the fence and then to train the pigs to the fence. Do the training in a small, say 16’x16′, strongly physically fenced pen for pigs that are new to your farm.

      See the Fencing tagged posts for lots of details.

  5. Will’s got talent, and a true appreciation for the family farm. You guys are blessed.

  6. Walter…its been 11 days. What are you doing ? Working ?!??!

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