Tea Time

Mint To Dry

In August and September we harvest progressive waves of wild mint from our woods. The mint grows in the moist soil around springs and streams. I’ve tried to convince it to come out in the open and enjoy the sun around our ponds but it seems to prefer the shadier areas.

This mint is drying in a paper bag. The paper bag keeps the dust off it. Once dry Hope stripped the leaves from the stems. The stems make for a bitter tea so we only want the leaves. Once dried and stripped we put them into glass jars with a clay desiccant. These store for years like this.

In the winter we drink a lot of hot tea, mint tea specifically. It warms us inside. While working outdoors we’ll often have a thermos to sip from. In the summer we switch to ice cold mint tea. This is winter tea time, 140°F into the thermos. Hot.

The last few days have been bitter cold with high winds. The pigs have been appreciating their low built earth sheltered sheds and deep hay; the chickens their hoop house with greenhouse; the geese and duck their new digs. We’ve been appreciating our snug tiny cottage. Our woofish friends do the best with their thick coats and sleek physiques. Yet with this weather even they seem to spend more time curled up in the lee of a snowbank. Sometimes in winter there are days where nary a creature will stir, except for the chores.

Outdoors: 11°F/-4°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 66°F/59°F

Daily Spark: The world is not a petting zoo. -Darwin Awards “Count Down to Extinction”

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