Fresh Kielbasa is Back

Sugar Mountain Farm Fresh Kielbasa

Our fresh kielbasa is back in stock and now regularly available at stores and restaurants on our weekly delivery route. The kielbasa comes in one pound packages.

Walter’s Favorite Kielbasa Dinner

I love kielbasa and sauerkraut. I start by putting a little lard or butter in the frying pan and then browning the kielbasa. After flipping it and letting the second side brown a little I add in the sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) and put a lid on it to let the entire thing come up to heat. Serve with mashed or fried potato pancakes, beets and winter salad.

Note that the Kielbasa does have MSG. Unfortunately that is the formulation our butcher has approved with the FSIS/USDA and we can’t change it currently. Being able to control these things is one of the things we look forward to when we have our own on-farm butcher shop.

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5 Responses to Fresh Kielbasa is Back

  1. Nance says:

    and will you deliver to rural Iowa? wow! delicious.

  2. Jeanne A Jeffries and Peter F Jeffries says:

    Peter Jeffries loves kielbasa also. Must be a family trait.

  3. Caleb says:

    It’s too bad about the MSG. Icky, icky, thing…and definitely not fitting with your “No Weird Stuff” campaign.

    Here’s to hoping you get your butcher shop up and running soon – you are an inspiration to me.

    • Aye, unfortunately we have no control at this point. We look forward to the day when we can make them ourselves and control the ingredients. The hot dogs and sausage do not have the MSG or nitrates/nitrites in them and are most delicious.

  4. David Holden says:

    MSG is highly over hyped. It really isn’t bad. I use it in my home cooking. It has been used for centuries in asian cooking. Yes it is true that a very tiny % of ppl are alergic to it but the same can be said for peanuts or many other great ingredients. MSG is a natural product and a flavor enhancer. No big deal. People are getting to bent out of shape about little things.

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