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Zero to 60

Wind Blown Snowscape In the news we read about places south of us getting 30″ or more of snow. It didn’t work out that way here. We got zero to 60 inches of snow. The variance is because the winds … Continue reading

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Pillar of Cloud

Pillar of Cloud A spectacular pillar of cloud in the setting sunlight. Outdoors: 28°F/21°F Sunny Tiny Cottage: 67°F/61°F Daily Spark: What do you call a madame with offices in London and Paris? Director of international affairs.

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Tea Time

Mint To Dry In August and September we harvest progressive waves of wild mint from our woods. The mint grows in the moist soil around springs and streams. I’ve tried to convince it to come out in the open and … Continue reading

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Fresh Kielbasa is Back

Sugar Mountain Farm Fresh Kielbasa Our fresh kielbasa is back in stock and now regularly available at stores and restaurants on our weekly delivery route. The kielbasa comes in one pound packages. Walter’s Favorite Kielbasa Dinner I love kielbasa and … Continue reading

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