Taking a Bath

Kavi Not Very Happy

Kavi looks how I feel. Not very happy. I feel like I just got scrubbed over or something. More troubles with my web hosting service as many of you noticed over the last few days. Email and the web sites have been up and down. More down than up in fact. Apparently a hard drive crashed in the AM at VONetwork.com and the tech team had to restore everything from backups. This took a day. Unfortunately it resulted in moving to a new IP address – geek speak for ZIP+4. That screwed up the nameservers which resulted in more downs and less ups.

So, those of you who have to deal with this sort of thing, where do you get your web hosting? I maintain about 30 domains including web sites for various family members and friends as well as my blog and NoNAIS.org. I use WHM/CPanel, PHP5, MySQL, WordPress and similar tools. I would be interested in hearing from others who have good experience with a web host. This is your chance to toot the horn of a good host. Leave links and reviews in comments.

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12 thoughts on “Taking a Bath

  1. Hey Walt,
    Just came looking for some info and saw your note, I HIGHLY recommend HOSTMYSITE.com, I used them for many years for my old companies website that listed over 3,100 dry good products alone, not to mention my plants, plus we had to have this in triplicate basically because we also had to have wholesale access via password encription and a separate retail “members only” area- all for the same products in but in differing price tiers and qty’s (also ALL w/ full and thumbnail pics and descriptions)…. Complicated during inventory time- but the hosting was wonderful! 99% up time with quick, LIVE responses- You even keep control of the admin rights ( we had a problem with a previous host with this). For the farm I just use a “freebie” service called bravehost. Also very good in uptime for a freebie, but I don’t have NEAR the requirements as before!

    Had you considered buying your own budget server? May be cheaper in the long run for that many sites…….


    • I’ll check these out. I do have my own server setup but the problem is bandwidth. Our remote rural poor quality phone line is already stretching aDSL way thin. Trying to run a server here would be too much. Our power and phones are also down about two weeks of the year, rather killing the reliability. :( A real host has better uptime, even VON.

  2. I moved to Hostgator.com about 2 years ago. Their reseller packages are really great for what you are doing. Each account gets its own cpanel and then you get a web host manager (cpanel like interface) to manage all of the separate accounts. They have been very reliable and responsive to issues I have had.

  3. I’ve been using 1and1.com for 6 or 7 years now. Their prices are good and they’re very reliable. I think I’ve had one instance of downtime this whole time, and it was only for a few hours. Plus I can choose to use a Linux server with my package instead of Windows, which is awesome.

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    [Hmm… and you’re also a spammer. I removed the link. -WJ]

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