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Moon Over Sunrise – Will Jeffries

Cole Ward who we’ve been doing apprenticing with for learning commercial meat cutting is holding workshops and offering on-farm butchering. Note that I am not the organizer of the program below. See the info at the bottom and contact them directly.

NOFA Vermont’s Fall Meat Workshops
The Whole Hog
Friday, November 19th Pig Slaughter 8am-12pm
Saturday, November 20th Whole Animal Butchering 9-4pm
Sunday, November 21st Whole Animal Processing 9-4pm
Flack Family Farm, Fairfield, VT

Join us for a three-day workshop at the Flack Family Farm. Shawn Badger, will be leading the Friday slaughter workshop where he will review procedures, techniques, and infrastructure along with tools and safety. There will then be a slaughter demonstration with carcass prep. Saturday Master Butcher Cole Ward, will lead the group through the breakdown of the whole carcass. He will go over primals and retail cuts, along with how to maximize quantity and quality of product. Sunday Frank Pace, Head Butcher at Healthy Living, will lead the group through techniques in further processing: making fresh sausage and pate, brining hams, smoking bacon, and curing salami. Pre-registration required. Cost: Friday: $20 for members, $30 for non-members; Saturday and Sunday (each): $40 for members, $50 for non-members.

Directions: Take I-89 North to St. Albans, get off at Exit 19. Take right onto Rte. 104 and right again on Gte. 36 going east. After app. 6 miles turn left at four corners in Fairfield. In less than a mile take first right turn, Chester Arthur Rd. Travel app. 5 miles. At four corners turn left onto Duffy Hill Rd. Farm is 7/8 mile up the road, barn is on right.

Please contact Sam Fuller at NOFA-VT for more information or to pre-registrar (802) 434-4122 or sam@nofavt.org

You can also contact Cole Ward directly at 802-881-1468 to arrange with him to come do personal butchering of your livestock or hold a class at your place.

Update 2011-03-01: Master butcher Cole Ward has released a set of DVDs containing four hours of cutting instructions for beef, lamb and pork. Check it out!

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3 Responses to Butchering Workshops

  1. Enna says:

    That is a most beautiful sunrise photo. The moon shot makes it extra special! Did you know that you can take the horns of the moon and use them to figure where the sun is? It is a neat trick. I also like that tree down below that points straight as an arrow upward toward the cressent moon.

  2. Sean Govan says:

    I know that before you got your butcher shop up and running, you had your own way of cutting up your family’s meat. Now that you are doing all your own butchering, and have a meat saw and whatever else you need to do commercial cuts, are you eating meat that is cut in your own old style or in the style that’s for sale? Just curious which one you personally prefer to eat.

    • Actually, how I do it now is a combination of my pre-saw technique and traditional butchery with saws. I do not use the saw for much. Cutting the ribs and the chine primarily. Bones for soup bones and occasionally osso bucco hocks and trotters. I spend about half an hour to an hour on the bandsaw a week. It is very good at what it does.

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