Prize Winning Produce

Clown Potato

Mutants siblings separated at birth? What ancestry could possibly produce such a silly face. Flip it up side down and the clown changes from happy to sad. Hope saw this clown face in the potato when she was out harvesting.

Super Tomato

Or maybe she’s a poster child for Miracle Growth Recombinant Tomato Genetic Seeds!

This super spud and terrific tomato came from our upper garden which was created from a big compost pile that had melded for over a year before I spread it out to grow produce this year. We got the best corn we’ve had in over five years, the best potatoes in several years as well as excellent tomatoes and other veggies too. Was it the compost or the weather? We lost our frosts early in the spring and didn’t get our first frost of the fall until this past week. There was a good balance of sun, warmth and water. The tomatoes are still growing well as we had covered the them in early September. We’ll see how long they keep going. I would like to have a greenhouse again, something we lost in the ice storm of ’98.

Outdoors: 74°F/41°F Sunny, Light Sprinkles, Forms almost finished
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/71°F Windows open

Daily Spark:
With multiple rulers it is conflicting edicts.
With Miss Manners & Dear Abby it is conflicting etiquettes.
With two users on the same document it is conflicting edits.

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  1. Maddi Marcusson says:

    I love the way your cottage is so stable heatwise. All that stone is working. I thought a house with such big windows and being so small would have wild temperature fluxuations but no.

    I see in the background of the photo that someone is a rubix cubist in your family!

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