Apple Pickings

Apples Drying

We had a nice apple crop off of the few trees near the house including those we planted and the one old apple tree. The green ones are from the ancient tree and the red ones from a young tree. These are drying before being crated. This helps to prevent mold on the skins and lets us pick them over.

We’ve been enjoying these apples whole, sliced up with meals, in salads and for dessert in apple crisp. The pigs have gotten the droppings both from the trees directly and what we toss into them. They love them. Fall is a wonderful time for food. Time to fatten up for winter.

Out in the woods I see a lot more apples on the various trees around old homesteads. Plenty of food to feed the bears and other animals. It has been a good year for the wildlife.

As we clear old fields we are careful to leave the apple trees, beach nuts, hazelnuts and other food producing trees. They provide shade and food. We are also planting more fruit and nut trees. Some of these will produce veneer logs, the highest grade of lumber, a long time from now.

Outdoors: 59°F/63°F Mostly Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 69°F/71°F 2nd Fire to dry stuff

Daily Spark: iCreate – One concern I have is will the iPad from Apple be good for the creation of content or is it just for the consumption of content. I am a creator. I make stuff. I write. I photograph. I paint. I program. I engineer. I draw. I design. I invent. iCreate. Let’s make sure the next generation keeps creating.

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6 Responses to Apple Pickings

  1. We’re cherry farmers (for a living, not a hobby) and do the whole pesticide gig (because the packers we use require it), but over the past several months I’m learning more about organic farms and want to experiment on a little patch of the orchard to see if we can move to a more sustainable practice. I’ve seen other orchardists (not cherry orchardists) move goats and chickens through, but I was wondering what you thought about pigs in a cherry orchard.

    Would they damage the trees? Do they jump up on trunks so as to destroy low branches (like a goat would?). If there was plenty of grass in the orchard (which could eliminate a lot of tractor work and diesel if we didn’t have to mow) and they were moved weekly, do you think it could work?

    Thanks for being the expert :-D.

    • Our geese spend most of their day out in the fields eating grass. I imagine they would be excellent lawn mowers. We don’t have much law, just the tiny patch of grass around the upper pond, but the geese do mow it nicely when allowed to go there. They do not seem to hurt trees at all.

      Sheep are real back on young fruit trees and brush in general. Pigs can be hard on them but sometimes ignore them. When they’ve done damage it is biting through small trees, up to about 3″ in diameter. I have not figured out their rhyme or reason. It seems low on their food preference list. They would prefer to graze. Glouster Old Spot pigs are a traditional orchard breed of pig. Twin lines of hot wire keep them off the trees. Having sufficient other foods reduces pressure. Rotational grazing minimizes soil compaction.

  2. mellifera says:

    There it is– there was always something that bugged me about iPads but I couldn’t put a finger on it. The “read-only” thing is a bugger.

  3. mellifera says:

    FMW– are there any other cherry farmers in your area who have (successfully) made a transition to organic? Unsuccessful attempts can be a source of illuminating information as well… There’s a lot to consider and they may be happy to help you not have to reinvent the wheel.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I understand geese eat grass down pretty well, and they don’t destroy trees. Not to mention they self-fatten in fall and are deeeelicious!

  4. Sheila Z says:

    Farmer’s City Wife, I think geese and ducks would be perfect in an orchard. The geese will mow and keep it looking like a lawn and the ducks will eat all the slugs and other insects. A few chickens added to the mix would eat any dropped fruit that the geese or ducks didn’t. Eggs and meat for practically no cost in feed. The chickens and ducks might need a little grain, but geese will grow well on grass alone if it is plentiful.

  5. Now back to your daily spark. icreate is genius. I see Will working on it now. The second generation of icreate would then be WILLhecreate. For preschollers it will be HOPEshecreates znd for the older sect BENcreating. Go Gadget Gol

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