Late Raspberries

Late Raspberries

Hope and I were walking up on the plateau pasture the end of September and spied these very late raspberries. We ate them. We ate a lot of them. We should have saved the seeds because those are very late season berries. I do know where they were, I think, so I’ll keep an eye on them and see if they produce this late next year. Normally raspberries are a mid to late summer fruit. It was a pretty good sized patch of about 50′ in diameter. Definitely worth encouraging.

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5 thoughts on “Late Raspberries

  1. Lucky find! I think you’d do better to take a cutting next spring to root, rather than try to grow one from seed. If I remember correctly, they hybridize pretty freely – even crossing with blackberries.

    Beautiful photo – love the light.

  2. Yeah! No fear, the seeds wouldn’t’ve done you any good, and cuttings mature faster anyway. Raspberries are really good at growing from cuttings– all you have to do is stick it in the ground (ok, you probably have to stick it in the ground right-side-up or it’ll get confused, but that ain’t rocket science).

    My understanding is that fall raspberries keep fruiting until frost kills the flower buds, so people have had good luck just throwing a protective cloth over them for the first couple frosts and having berries much longer than they would otherwise. So I don’t know the site you found these on, but it’s possible this is more of a microclimate situation than a genetic difference. Planting them elsewhere will tell, neh? ; )

  3. I came across some raspberries like this in a field I walk in the White Mountain National Forest about a week ago..didn’t realize raspberries can be this late….they did taste good!

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