Americauna Hen & Chicks

Americauna Hen and Chicks

This is the Americauna hen and her two chicks that she hatched out on top of the roof of one of the sheds. Will actually got video of the hatching – pretty neat. They are now running around the front area. She is a very good mother, keeping a tight eye on her chicks. The father is also an Americauna. Both hen and rooster came from McMurry Hatchery to us as chicks. It will be interesting to see what these two look like when they are mature.

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Daily Spark: Never count your piglets before they finish.

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4 Responses to Americauna Hen & Chicks

  1. Michelle says:

    I have Americauna chickens from McMurray Hatchery also. One of my hens had a white/grey chick like that and it has turned out very pretty. Mostly all white with the grey points around her neck and on her tail. Of course her tail would look a lot nicer if the goats would stop pulling on it when she roosts!

  2. Diane N. says:

    Our chicks arrived yesterday — first-ever farm animals and early in our experience living on a small farm. I am full of excitement about chickens, so your post is really fun to see. Among our 10 chicks, we have a little Americauna chick that is the dark brown color like the body of your mother bird. Nice to see how she may look grown-up. We also have 2 very deeply striped Americaunas — almost look like chipmunks from above.

  3. Teresa says:

    I just love the little chicks. I have to agree it is addictive when you start farming. I swore for years I’d never get a goat, and I have about fifty of them now.

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