Fall Foliage 2010 Marsh

Hannah Hill – Click to get the Big Picture

The land is clothed in a many colored cloth. It is officially fall and the trees are changing their robes. The colors are quickly approaching peak. It seems early this year and the leaves seem to be changing very fast but looking back at past years it isn’t that far off. [2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2007 Virtual Tour, 2008 Riddle Pond, 2008 Fallen Foliage]

Last year’s clearing of the fields has really opened up the view of Hannah Hill across the valley from us. The spruce down at the bottom are along the beaver ponds. At the lower edge of the photo you can see some of the rape and kale in the east field. It has bloomed and set seed. The animals tend to eat the leaves, leaving the roots which then put up new leaves through the next rotational grazing cycle.

Sugar Mountain from North – Click for Panorama

This morning we went a visiting and stopped at our neighbor’s. Their house looks at the north slope of Sugar Mountain which is looking splendid today. They can see down across the marshes and our fields. From their porch I can just make out pigs in our pastures a mile away.

Riddle Pond – Click for Panorama

This is Riddle Pond. Or Riddel Pond. It is named for the family that have the house on the corner of Riddel Pond Road and Route-302. As I too my photos I heard ducks in the water. As I write this I hear the geese migrating south. A lot of tour busses stop there to take in the scenery. It is a classic fall foliage photo opportunity – the stuff of postcards and calendars. Do click on this photo for the big version – very worth it.

Riddle Pond Road

By opening up along the east marsh field we let more light in so that area looks more like the classic New England maple tree lined road. This photo is up at the crest of the mountain as we were coming back from Riddel Pond.

The Riddel House – Did Tom Live There?

And here is the Riddel House. Is it the Riddle House of young Tom who became Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter? Hope likes to think so. Spooky! Is Voldemort possibly a basdardization of Thief of Death? e.g., Vole De Mort?

What is in a name? Riddle, Riddel, puzzle me that. Thus the name of our road. Note the alternative spellings. Sometimes I find it spelled Riddel, which is the family name of the farm at the end of the road. Riddel means the valley (“Del“) of “Rid” (e.g., Riddick?) which means freedom from bondage and sometimes it is spelled Riddle as in a puzzle. Both have interesting etymology [1, 2].

Marsh Fields Fall Foliage Pan – Click for the Big Picture

Looking across the marsh fields again. This is from the log landing east of our old farm house – another spot that attracts a lot of leaf peepers, when they’re not pig peeping. Sometimes around this part of the year they do both. The hills are alive with the sound of Gruntgorian chanting as someone south of us might say. He knows who he is…

Stressed Regen

And the prize for the most brilliant red goest to this little regen coming up from a stump in our new pastures up on the north plateau. When a tree is feeling particularly stressed it will produce very vivid colors or change early. Small brush like this often is extra colorful as well.

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Tiny Cottage: 68°F/67°F

Daily Spark: To live here is to take a very long time to die.
Motto of the Bristle Cone Pine
David Attenborough in the documentary Life

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5 Responses to Fall Foliage 2010 Marsh

  1. Susan Lea says:

    Beautiful, beautiful! Our trees are just turning brown and drying up. :(

  2. Teresa says:

    It truly is beautiful! I just love the pictures you have shared. It almost makes me want to sell the animals so I can travel and see those beautiful colors in person! We are just showing the first signs of change in the trees.

  3. Would love to buy that Riddel house and fix it up.

  4. Marie says:

    We’ve got a bit of color down here, to the South, but not much yet…

    Have you had a frost up there?

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