Out to the Woodshed


We don’t burn much wood – just 3/4 cord a year to heat our home. The passive solar gain coupled with high thermal mass of our tiny cottage takes care of the rest of our heating needs.

Up until now we’ve just stacked the wood near the house and covered it with a sheet of plywood. This year we have done better. The wood shed is scrap. It didn’t cost anything and it is certainly nice to have a better place to store our tools and wood. It is big enough to hold three years worth of wood, all of our tools that have been around the cottage and sleeping space for a dog to laze away the days while keeping an eye on things.

The woodshed is not cockeyed despite how it looks in the photo above. Honest! The wide lens and funny angle made it look like a house that Jack built…

Highly Recycled Woodshed and Tiny Cottage

The post is from a tree that had fallen across the town road in a recent storm, the walls are pallets on the lower portion, the roof structure is a recycled wall segment from the old hay shed we tore down to make room for the butcher shop and the roofing tin came from that same shed tear down as well as a friends old swimming pool. Various scraps of plywood and studs make up the rest. Even the screws are recycled. Ironically, that hay shed had been torn down from somewhere else before it was moved here about 50 years ago.

Outdoors: 63°F/46°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 67°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Don’t just Recycle. Reuse, again and again.

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6 Responses to Out to the Woodshed

  1. ranch101 says:

    That looks like the reincarnation of our old sheep shed. Our sheep shed really did look like it had been built by the Crooked Man. Especially after they put their horns to good use and rammed it repeatedly. It had originally been sided with scavenged interior doors, which survived a surprisingly long time being exposed to the weather. They took several years to even break sheep-sized doorways through. The second incarnation involved recycled pallets, part of an old telephone pole that had been on the property since we bought it years before, and the same roof (which had blown over the fence when the doors finally ceased being structural).

  2. Walt- that wood shed is crooked I do not care what you say! :-)

  3. mellifera says:

    Old-school recycling!

    I find it really interesting how a lot of people of a certain mindset seem to think that recycling is hippy-dippy stuff that only sappy rich people care about– but in reality being able to just throw things away when they don’t work for their original job anymore is the hallmark of a wealthy and extravagant society.

  4. Jeff Marchand says:

    Looks like you managed to build a woodshed $10 cheaper than http://www.woodheat.org/firewood/woodshed.htm

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