Grape Tendril Spider

Spider and Web in Grape Tendril

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4 Responses to Grape Tendril Spider

  1. Thank you, Donna. I used to have a big bulky Canon A-1 SLR film camera with wonderful high quality long telephoto zoom lenses. It was a great camera, and heavy, and huge. Hauling it around was a major challenge and I couldn’t just whip it out to take a photo I saw as I worked.

    This picture of the spider in the grape tendril I captured while feeding whey to the pigs. There it was in the morning mist. Out comes my handy dandy pocket camera and I’m able to capture it.

    The wonderful thing about the new tiny digital cameras are I can slip one in my pocket and there it is when I see something cool. I just wish more of the modern cameras allowed for manual selection of settings. I finally found one that offers manual settings, the Casio EX-V8. It does not have an extending lens (good – thus less dust can get in to it) but unfortunately the lens quality of this camera is not all that great. It does what is called “purple fringing”, especially evident in high contrast situations along the corners of the lens. But that is something I can live with by cropping the images in a bit.

  2. Jason says:

    I love that. I have never looked at a grape grabber so closely. I thought they had sucktion cups or something. And that spider is tiny. SPiders are good! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Teresa says:

    This is so cool! I’m starting to see a lot of harvest spiders here, but that one is so tiny.

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