Sugar Mtn Farm in BFP 20100910

Sugar Mountain Farm in Burlington Freepress

Melissa Pasanen, a freelance writer from the Burlington Freepress newspaper, came out this past week to visit our farm and interview us for an article which appeared yesterday. You can see it online. She did a great job with it and was a pleasure to show around the farm. I am told that the paper copy has lots of photos. I have only seen the online version as we just get the Sunday edition of the Burlington Freepress here.

Outdoors: 72°F/45°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 71°F/71°F

Daily Spark: PC sounds nice and cuddly but it is is a velvet shark.

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5 Responses to Sugar Mtn Farm in BFP 20100910

  1. Alot of exposure lately! You must be doing something right! :-)

  2. Ryan says:

    Good exposure is low cost advertising. Great article, would have been nice to see the additional pictures.

  3. Great article Walter ~ as a fellow pig farmer, I appreciate it. I’m even going to check with a local microbrewery to see about their spent barley. :) Enjoy those piglets. We only have 6…I would love to have 50 more. ;)

    • If you do get spent barley do not over feed it. It is very high in protein and I have read it can hurt the pig’s kidneys. I have read it is 48% protein which is 3x what you want. So it needs to be cut significantly. We don’t get enough for this to be an issue, it is really mostly a treat and mostly to the growers who need the most protein. I would get more if I could. They, the chickens, ducks and geese all love it when they can get any.

  4. Gotcha on the barley tip. ;)

    Also, thank you for the advice you gave recently about introducing a smaller (100#) boar to a larger (400#) boar. We did it ~ it worked well. The two are extremely happy being together and remind me of “The Captain/Skipper” and “Gilligan” ~ his little buddy.

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