Cardamon Piglets

Counting Cardamon Piglets

Counting piglets can be harder than you think. How many do you see? If it is still September 2010 then also look up in the header photo, carefully. Don’t over count.

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13 Responses to Cardamon Piglets

  1. Dave says:

    I see 8 in the lower photo, nine in the masthead if you eliminate the mirror that you are having fun with this month.

  2. I see 7 in the lower photo. Some maybe counting the one with black spots twice.

  3. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Dave has it nailed. You are bad for my morning news scanning. I pan more attention to your photos than I do to corruption in Afghanistan. Wait . . . is that a badness?

  4. Lorraine says:

    Jeez….I don’t know which are cuter….baby piglets or baby lambs!

  5. Spoiler Alert:
    Leave your guess in comments you read below… No cheating! :)
    Answer: In the photo above there are eight piglets. One more shows in the banner photo above to the far right making a total of nine piglets for this litter. There are actually two spotted piglets with one mostly hidden and right next to the other spotted piglet.

  6. mary says:

    you used to have the nicest blogroll. what happened to it?

    • Aye, I miss it too. It was a casualty of my move from Blogger to WordPress. I’m still working on making the transition, a little bit every day or so. Getting the blog roll backup up is on my to-do list. It made it so easy to visit other blogs.

  7. PV says:

    I see eight very very very cute piggies!

  8. mary says:

    also — our collective is raising hogs, but this year 2 of the 4 died early on from pneumonia. The vet said they were probably taken from their mother too early. So, at what age do you recommend selling piglets? Do you have a way to tell me — how to tell how old they are, or do we just have to find a more reputable farmer? I’m so bummed that we won’t have a winter full of pulled pork and bacon!

    • We generally wean at somewhere between four to eight weeks, typically at six. But we’re not hard and fast about the date. We tend to group weanings together which makes it easier to manage. We watch the sows condition – if she is losing body condition then it is time to wean. We then generally hold the piglets for a week or two more to make sure they are fully adjusted and weaned. This means they’re generally six to ten weeks old before they leave our farm.

      With piglets out on pasture they are eating other foods at a very young age in addition to their mother’s milk. I just came inside from working in the south field where there are about 50 new piglets running around. They’re only a week old but their all over and munching clover and nibbling at grass already. They mimic their mothers.

      There might be some way to tell a piglets age by the teeth but I’ve never done it.

      It is hard to lose them. Not knowing exactly what it was makes it harder as one wants to do better in the future.

  9. Karla Whitman says:

    OK…I’m counting 11. Ian’t there one behind the long bodied lil spotted piglet? LOL, this is why I’m glad to just get close when I count my momma cows!

  10. Karla Whitman says:

    Wait…I take that back…there are 9. I was counting the critters in the background. But their tails don’t look piggish on second look.

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