Floating House!

In the movie Up! the old man flies his house to south America using helium balloons to escape evil eminent domain. I am reminded of this with a house down the mountain from us which looks like it is about ready for take off. The old man in the movie even looks like Mr. Gibby, a little bit.

They are fixing the foundation and clearing the view. Years ago I put a foundation under our old farm house as well as raising the roof to make a second story all using cribbing and hand jacks. We dug the foundation out by hand which was quite a bit of work. This was long before we had our tractor and backhoe. For the Gibby house project they are going much faster with all their cranes and track hoes. It is an impressive project to watch unfold.

Click on the picture to zoom in and then you may be able to zoom in even further to see the details.

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4 Responses to Up!

  1. Whilmhelm says:

    Most impressive
    great photo

  2. Sally H says:

    My house is in need of foundation work, and I’d like to do the job myself but don’t know where to start. I’m not frightened of hard work, just have a lack of knowledge. At my house, the first solution to every problem is “go buy a book.” Do you know of one (or more) you can recommend?

    • My favorite construction book is “The Black Book” as I call it. It is “The Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling” by Wing from Rodale Press. It is full of a great deal of useful information, diagrams and most of all the spanning tables I’ve often needed.

  3. Bill says:

    What a wonderful photo and connection. I loved that movie. The photos at the end where they talked about how they went to study the land were breath taking.

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