Jacob’s Staff a.k.a. Mullein

The Jacob’s Staff (Verbascum thapsus) that I had shown a while back is now dry with the seeds getting ready to scatter. It looks like a western desert cactus, if you squint hard.

Still Flowering
Some are still flowering – the season is quite extended unlike other flowers which all come in a burst.

Common names people have told me for this plant are Mullein, Jacob’s Staff, native toilet paper, cowboy toilet paper, indian tobacco and lambs ear – the last I think because the leaves are fuzzy and feel like a lambs ear.

The pastures are getting dry and the ponds are low. Time to have some rain.

Outdoors: 85°F/60°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 75°F/72°F

Daily Spark: If the shoe doesn’t fit try changing feet.

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5 Responses to Mullein

  1. Edward says:

    We have this growing in some of our new fields. It is quite a pretty plant. My son loves to play with the long stalks. I have been following your blog silently for a long time and never commenting. We have learned a lot for how to raise animals here on our small home farm. People told me pigs can’t eat hay and grass but you are right — they can and they do. We milk two goats so we have some deary to feed the pigs too. Works since we just have a couple of pigs. They sure are growing fast and healthy. I can’t wait for the bacon this fall!

  2. Ah yes, Very cactus like. Made me miss my friend in Palm Springs California. So Walter, tell me…I have been approached by a few companies who say they love my blog (of course they would say that, they are marketers) and would like to hawk their wares on my blog. Your opinion ? Now go enjoy your labor day weekend , you hard worker you.

    • I get a lot of spam from ones that want to “trade links”. I have a standard reply that says how much paid ads cost. There have been a few over the years that have paid for links. Those go in the sponsored links section in the right sidebar. This makes it clear that they are paid ads. The few ads pay enough to help with the cost of the web server which is nice. I do declare the income on my tax return.

  3. karl omelay says:

    Donna, imho, having been approached myself, they want something from you that they don’t have–content. lately, i find it irritating since i am here for an entirely different reason than they. i decline every offer then check their websites occasionally to be sure they aren’t stealing.


    • Aye, that I see a lot of. It is called “skimming”. They skim content to make their web sites look valid to the search engines. Google actively watches for this though and is on to them. Not much one can do about them as they’re not about to obey a “Take Down” order. Many of them are foreign.

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