Foot Long Hot Dog

Hope with Monster Dog

We just got back our latest batch of hot dogs from the smokehouse. They were all sold out before we even picked them up so they went straight to store and restaurant freezers. That’s always nice!

In a batch there are always a few rejects the smokehouse puts into a bag. We sample those, in the interest of science, of course, just to make sure they taste right. The one Hope is holding didn’t get twisted so it came out extra long. Turns out, for hot dogs, size matters. That one won’t fit in the package, or a bun. Well, slice of bread – we don’t have any buns today.

Sugar Mountain Farm Hot Dog — Hmm… Hmm… Good!

Hope and Ben enjoy opposite ends of the Monster Hot Dog. 100% Pastured Pork, a drop of maple syrup and so delicious! Our hot dogs have NoWeirdStuff in them. Just all natural pork from our farm, no nitrates, no nitrites – the way we want good food to be for our children and the only hot dogs we’ll eat.

Good news: 2,275 hot dogs are in stores and restaurants now!

Bad news: We had orders for 2x as many hot dogs.

Good news: We almost have enough meat saved up for the next batch!

Bad news: The smokehouse is busy until October.

Good news: Fall bonfires!

Outdoors: 73°F/49°F Sunny
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/72°F

Daily Spark: Don’t waste hate and don’t horde love.

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7 Responses to Foot Long Hot Dog

  1. Cynthia says:

    Sweet, delicious problems!

  2. Robert says:

    Hey Walter, since you are never going to sell you pork hotdogs in Georgia, would you be willing to share the recipe? There is of course no chance I would ever compete with your business. Really just want it for personal consumption.

    Looking forward to seeing more progress on the slaughter/butchering facility. It is very interesting to watch the story unfold.

    • Our recipe might not be right for Georgia since I made it up based on our local ingredient of Maple Syrup – something we put on all of our food here in New England. Just kidding, we use Ketchup too. Feel free to substitute what fits your tastes. We do 300 lbs of top quality pork, about a half gallon of dark amber (the good stuff) Vermont maple syrup, 3% salt, a little bit of milk to bind it and spices like pepper. No nitrites or nitrites – the ingredients are all on the label. This all gets ground, then fine ground and finally stuffed into casings and twisted to make links. After setting in the cooler to meld it goes through the smokehouse and then is re-cooled and packaged. There are all sorts of variations on this so feel free to try small batches until you get something that tastes good to you.

  3. I would like to know if you sell your hot dogs wholesale? Can I purchase a sample of your delicious product for a future business?

    Carol Frazzetta
    executive/chef/owner/cooking teachet

    • Yes, in fact we sell about 90% of our products wholesale to stores and restaurants. The last batch of the hot dogs are completely sold out so I don’t have any available for you to try. The next batch will be made in May and is mostly sold out but you could order some from that batch.

  4. Dominique Moreland says:

    Hi, do you all sell those foot long wieners wholesale as well? I am interested in buying about 300 of them for my snack shop.

    • Not yet but we are planning to do them. The foot long hot dog in the photo was a mistake, a second. However we plan to bring out a line of those once we have the hot dog processing here on-farm. We just about done building the butcher shop, then will have the slaughter on-farm by winter, then the smokehouse by sometime in 2013 at which point we’ll be able to do them.

      Currently we have the hot dogs made at an off-site smokehouse and have to do 300 pounds per batch so that would be about 1,000 foot long hot dogs. If you would like to place an order for that many I might be able to get them to make them in that length. Let me know and I will discuss it with them.

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