Sky Ripples

Sky Rip

Oh, my gosh! I caught it on film, unlike the elusive cougar. Is this the trans-dimensional rip in the fabric of space-time caused by an inter-galactic alien space cruiser entering our atmosphere and breaking hard so as not to hit the surface? Sure looks like that! Good thing I almost always have my camera with me!

Sky Ripples

Moments later the sky was still disturbed by the object’s entry and I managed to get more photos. I never actually saw the space ship. Perhaps they have a cloak of invisibility. Maybe they can bend light around their ship so we can’t see it.

Please note that these are original photos. They have not been Photoshopped to create this effect. This is reality.

So, what caused this effect on our atmosphere? Why did the government and media suppress news of the alien landing in Vermont? Questions, questions… Leave your ideas in comments and then after you have done that hold your curse here for additional top secret information…

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19 Responses to Sky Ripples

  1. Fortunately, I always surf the internet while standing on my head (that way very little useless information actually enters my brain) so I found your photos perfectly normal. You Walter, however, are not. Which is why I come back to your blog again and again and again….

  2. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    I’m guessing an approaching and then (on your lens) spreading droplet of fluid. I saw some early work using vaseline on a lens in the office of the then-president of Brooks photograph Institute once . . . I note the apparent lenticular cloud under the cumulus isn’t disturbing the cumulus clouds at all.

  3. John Mark Schofield says:

    LOL! Very nice shot of reflections in the water! The 1st one in particular.


  4. ranch101 says:

    You had me believing it was an odd atmospheric disturbance with the first photo, but the second just screamed “drop of water disturbing very clear reflection in pond”. Great pictures!

  5. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    OK, the ranch101 “picture of a reflection in clear water” makes me feel very inobservant! Now I’m guessing a surfacing fish is the causative disturbance?

  6. Marie says:

    Beautiful! The pond is so still…

    But I like the idea of little green men even better…

  7. Huck says:

    Hahaha… I love it!! Gives me something else to try with my camera. One question though… did you adjust the shutter speed for it?


    • I used Aperture Priority mode on this particular set of photos with an F-stop of 9.2, the maximum for the Casio EX-V8. This put the shutter speed at about 1/25th of a second. I braced myself carefully and then bracketed shots around that with exposure compensation in 1/3rd units. It took a while since I needed to let the pond settle between sessions so it would regain its glass like smooth surface. Fortunately the fish and insects were cooperating and not making ripples. I did have to watch out for the light changing significantly as the clouds passed by the sun.

      The splash is a meteorite, a.k.a. a rock (fantasize a little!) entering the pond. The back splash makes it look like it is exiting. Pretty cool. Imagine how many shots I did to get that right!

      Now I’ll go back to screaming alien invasion!!! and hope the Sun or Mirror pickup my story. :)

  8. John L says:

    I love these shots but Walter, you really need to get busy with the slaughter house —– or something!!

  9. huck says:

    Hey Walter, thanks for the explanation. Perhaps I’ve been staring at the photos too long but what the heck is in the bottom left corner of the two pictures (have to expand the second one to see it in that one).


  10. Ed says:

    Cool photos. I love youre blog and how you share so much. You are a fountain of information. Keep up the great posts.

  11. Holly says:

    John L – I just wanted to let you know that I am relieved when I see Walter doing things like this. It is sometimes hard to get him to take a break and relax with something fun. (It seems to be a family trait. I have the same difficulty with Will and Ben.) Enjoy the fun stuff and know that it means a healthier Walter and family! : )

  12. Huck says:

    That must be it; after all what’s a pool without a few floats to lounge on! Got a cup holder on it?

  13. Helen says:

    Fantastic photo. Better than the tabloids that is for sure!

  14. Sam says:

    Thanx very much for sharing. Ive subscribed to your site. keep up the good work.

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