Oreo Surfing

Oreo the Surfing Sow

This sow is named Oreo because of her belted coloring. I love how the photo came out. It was quite accidental. I had the shutter speed set too slow for the dim light under the small trees. As I tracked Oreo’s movement it created a very artsy blur.

Oreo just had her piglets in the north field. I hadn’t seen her for a few days so I suspected she was out nesting. This morning Will and I were checking out the species of plants which had come up from our spring seeding and we ran across her and her litter in the brush. The piglets were all very shy as they hadn’t seen people yet. She was headed into the home fields and will introduce them to the rest of the herd.

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5 Responses to Oreo Surfing

  1. kcgal says:

    Love the photo- this ‘little’ lady looks like she has places to go!

    I’ve noticed that you don’t notch your pigs’ ears. What method do you use to track litters and lineage?

    • Each pig has unique markings, body for or other distinguishing features. We have toyed with tags, tattoos, notching and such for identification but I am able to remember all of the animals just based on their markings and such so there is no need for anything more complicated.

  2. Bruce says:

    I love the effect. What Photoshop filters did you use to achieve it?

    • No Photoshop filters necessary. I used a slow shutter speed, she was moving in the dim light and I tracked her so she stayed more in focus but the background blurred as seen. I’ve done this technique on purpose at times but this time it was purely accidental. Definitely a cool effect.

  3. kirby makarandang says:

    The farm this year is an animal farm, for sure! I farmed alongside cows and goats for a few seasons, raised chickens for meat and eggs for the last two years, BUT, this is the year I’m plunging headfirst into the world of FARM ANIMALS EVERYWHERE, critters of all shapes and sizes (and breeds), woven into the daily tiny farming experience.

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