Postal Daylili

The Last Daylili at the Post Office

Click the picture to zoom in for a larger view. Depending on your monitor and browser window you may be able to click the icon in the lower right of the larger image for an even larger more detailed version. It is quite the spectacular shot. I love it when I get home and off load the photos from the camera to the computer to discover I got it right!

The zooming is accomplished with the WordPress plugin Expand Image by Anup Raj which I modified a bit to fit my needs.

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3 Responses to Postal Daylili

  1. Sara says:

    I love lilies! They are by far my favorite flower! They grow wild next to the road and swamps here in MI.

  2. Teresa says:

    Great picture. I know what you mean about getting those shots right.

  3. Being an RN I love good veins and it was great to see all the veins in this Lily when I supersized it. Great shot !!!

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