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When we need multiples of a tool I like having them all be the same tool so the parts are interchangeable. Two of these battery operated drills had broken. With the help of the third I disassembled them and combined the functioning parts to make one good drill. Back in business.

Battery operated drills are one of those amazingly handy tools. Until I had one I wouldn’t have guessed just how useful they are. Not being tied to a cord is wonderful. We made our first ones using car batteries which we carried in a backpack for drilling taps in our maple sugar bush. The only problem there is if the acid leaked on you – it destroyed Holly’s work suit one time.

Our first commercial battery operated drill was a DeWalt back when it first came out. It cost $500. Now the drills above cost about $25 each. This is a classic technology price curve. When things first come out the per unit cost, patent licenses and such make for very high product costs. Then the price starts coming down as manufacturing gears up, competition develops and markets saturate.

The DeWalt eventually broke too. These are built almost as good as the $500 DeWalt – not 20x better. We use them a lot both on construction and out on fencing.

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  1. DennisP says:

    I really, really have to agree about how useful the battery-powered drill is. So many projects that I do would take so much longer (or perhaps wouldn’t get done) if I had to use purely hand-operated tools. I truly admire the patience and craftsmanship of Amish woodworkers who do their work without power tools.

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