Blackie Piglet Fix

Blackie Piglets Exploring

A piglet fix for those who might be in withdrawal… They hitting that maximum cuteness stage. While Blackie took a swim in the upper pig puddle her piglets explored. The nine of them came over to check me out, not quite sure if I was safe or not. I had no treats in my pocket, just a reassuring voice. She and they are pretty much sticking to paddock #5 in the south field.

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7 Responses to Blackie Piglet Fix

  1. Mel says:

    ohmygosh cute. It’s a good thing they get uglier before slaughter time!

  2. Cynthia says:

    You KNOW you are forcing my hand on this whole gettin’ inta pigs thing, don’t ya? I so very much appreciate your management style and who the hell could not love working such amazing creatures.

    Have to agree with Mel though; were it not for the shift toward cantankerous adolescent behavior right around slaughter this would be an impossible task. Just look at that black and white face!

  3. Nance says:

    I admire the piglets with the white belt around the middle. There is one black and one brown, that I can see in this photo. What breed does that white belt come from? Could you UPS that little white-faced feller, with the white belt, to Iowa? :o)

  4. Kevin says:

    You piglets are so cute! I would have a hard time eating them at that stage although I know people do suckling pigs. I am glad that buy the time they get to slaughter they’re a whole lot uglier and pushier. People say pigs are intelligent, maybe even almost as intelligent as a cat or dog, but all the pigs I have met seem to only have one thing on their mind FOOD! Keep eating meat!!

  5. Man-o-lake says:

    Hi! I love how you are doing pigs out on pasture and not penned. It is so much more natural and healthy for the land and the pigs. I see nine piglets in the photo and I remember from the other post about Blackie that that is how many she had born this litter. Do you ever have piglets switch to other sows? I have two and they seem to share their piglets. I am all new to this breeding thing so I don’t have experience with it and was wondering if this is common??

    • Yes, piglets do move between the sows. Blackie had nine but then for a while one of Flipper’s piglets was routinely hanging out with this group and nursing. Then one of Blackies piglets and that piglet switched over to Flipper. They are both in the same section of pasture with their nests maybe 50′ apart. As the piglets get larger they roam further. With litters I like to get a photo periodically of them which shows me how their doing over time but sometimes there won’t be all the piglets in a photo due to this switching around. Over sixty acres and with over 200 pigs I don’t catch photos of them all every week or even every month. Co-nursing is common and most of the sows are very good about it.

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