Fishing in the Fire

Ben Fishing for Fire

What sort of critter do you catch fishing in the coals using a marshmellow for bait? Hmm… Ben caught fire.

We build the upper pond to store water for our livestock through the dry months. It does an admirable job of that. The animals have their own swimming ponds and are not allowed to swim in the upper pond but we do. To that end we added a sandy beach, stone walls with the stone we cut out of the mountain to make the ledge for our cottage. We added a picnic area with a fire ring. We did this while we were waiting on something for construction of our tiny cottage. Idle hands and all that. Making this gathering spot was one of those great little things we did that really enhanced our homestead. It made life on the mountain more awesome.

Outdoors: 74°F/55°F Intense thunder and lightning storms, 2″ Rain, 1 surge suppressor blown in the phone series from a strike 500′ east of us.
Tiny Cottage: 75°F/71°F

Daily Spark: Bumper sticker I want to make for SUVs: “Fight Global Cooling!”

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  1. Teresa says:

    Truly it is those wonderful family times out in nature that make living in the country the best.

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