Godly Dessert

God in the Meringue

Holly had a divine vision! Our young daughter Hope had been whipping up a batch of egg whites with our son Will to make Cupids, a dessert we love, when my wife Holly looked over and saw the face of God peering back up from the swirls. It looks like a Norse God or Old Testiment God with an ironic merry smile. Perhaps he is looking up at us with bemusement from the other side of the great divided egg whites.

I suppose you might claim that this is simply like the various apparitions of Jesus or chaos interpretations but it is our apparition and we ate it.

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Daily Spark: I was trying to figure out how this all could make sense. But then this is reality and unlike a story plot line it doesn’t have to make sense. -WBJ

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2 Responses to Godly Dessert

  1. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    Best thing to do with apparitions . . .

  2. Brian Heyer says:

    I was thinking closer to “Heat Miser” from “The Year Without A Santa Claus.”

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