Mystery Pond Update

Muddy Mystery Pond

As one of our background tasks this summer we’ve been editing our little Mystery Pond. It is more of a puddle than a pond, a catchment from whence we pipe the excess spring water over to a triage barrel and then onward to upper pond or other uses.

The primary purpose of the upper pond is to provide a reservoir of water for our livestock. From there it flows through various pipes down the mountain to a series of bathtubs, barrels and other waterers until any last bits make their way to the lower pig pond where they wallow away the hot summer days in the company of frogs and dragonflies.

Outdoors: 73°F/59°F Overcast
Tiny Cottage: 72°F/67°F

Daily Spark: Got stuff floating in your pool? Call Annette! 1-800-555-12..

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