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Among the things we planted this spring and last fall in the new fields are Dwarf Essex Rape and a type of kale. These make excellent fast growing forages. This time of year the pigs eat the leaves but are leaving the roots alone so the plants keep putting up new leaves as shown in this photo.

Some of the rape has already flowered. I’m hoping it will go to seed and become established as a self-seeding annual. I saw lots of these as I made my field walk yesterday. I feel blessed to have a life that lets me walk out and about on such glorious days.

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Daily Spark: Luck is the excuse of the unprepared.

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5 Responses to Brassica Browse

  1. Justin says:

    Walter I love your info and your little daily sparks at the ened of your posts. They are familiar. Where do you get them from. Is there an online source? I would like to use little quotes like that on my blog to. The luck one is great!

    • Unless otherwise attributed the sparks are my own little witticisms, bits and pieces that occur to me over the day. Feel free to use them and attribute me. Sometimes they’re someone else’s sayings in which case I give attribution after the spark.

      On the luck one, people have told me, “you just got lucky…” about various things. That isn’t really the case. I’ve prepared, thought and positioned myself so that when opportunity was available I could react to my benefit. There was little luck involved. What they rarely see is plenty of bad things happen too. I move on. I prepare for many eventualities. Some of them happen. Some good. Some bad. Most don’t. I’m not paranoid, I just really like to be prepared as the old Boy Scout motto goes. Speaking of which, I like Tom Lehrer’s version best…

  2. Gail in Montana says:

    Hi Walter, your site isn’t coming up on My Yahoo homepage anymore. So I went to the last post I had where you told about how you were switching and brought that up. then I visited your new site this morning and saved your farm website in my favorites so I can still visit you. Love all your photos except the tick, lol ;-) The little piggies are so cute!!! Glad you are having a good spring/summer. Take care.

    • Aye, that tick is rather gross. I was not pleased to find them on the dogs. Or perhaps I should be pleased I found them since the ticks were there and then I could kill them. I’m not fond of blood sucking parasites be they ticks or other spineless invertebrates like politicians. :)

  3. David Lloyd Sutton says:

    I loved Lehrer’s “Be Prepared” admonishment myself . . .

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