Piglet Trip Accommodations

Piglets Ready to Ride

It’s piglet season and we’re filling orders for June piglets to the people who placed reserves. Sometimes piglet buyers come all the way out to our farm, a bit of a drive. Sometimes the piglets go to the buyers along our delivery routes saving everyone gas and time.

On the way home you don’t want piglets sitting in your lap or running around in your vehicle. Besides the obvious pooping and peeing they could cause an accident by getting under the driver’s feet. Safety first.

Dog carriers make great transports for piglets. These three little pigs are ready and waiting in the front seat of the van to head out to their new home. This crate locks tight against the roof and seat – handy and safe. If you’re getting piglets, get a carrier like this. A little hay and they’re all set for their trip to their new home.

A medium sized $75 dog crate like this one holds up to five piglets. The three here have lots of space. Piglets enjoy being a little packed together. That is how they sleep – in a pig pile. If there are a small number of pigs for the crate size then add extra hay to give them a buffer incase of sudden stops.

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2 Responses to Piglet Trip Accommodations

  1. Art Blomquist says:

    Great Idea. Were planning on picking up a few little porkers and that answered the transportation question.

  2. jon says:

    Ha ha thats how I haul my piglets home! The first time I did it people thought I was crazy!

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